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1527, 08 Dec 16

Shilling Floats Run for Governor

Awesome. She barely won her reelection.

Dem Sen. Jennifer Shilling says she’ll consider a bid for guv in 2018, but would have to step away from her post as minority leader if she got in the race.

Shilling, who narrowly won re-election to her La Crosse-area Senate seat, told Wednesday it is flattering to be mentioned as someone who has the skills and temperament to be considered for guv. But a run will be a family decision, particularly after coming off a tough Senate race that went to a recount.

The La Crosse lawmaker said she is committed to rebuilding a Dem majority after her caucus lost a member in this fall’s election and will come back next session 20-13. Her Dem colleagues last month re-elected her minority leader without opposition.

“I want to do the best job that I can as a state senator and the Democratic leader,” Shilling said in the interview. “If I decide to do something different, then I would make a decision to make sure that I am focused on what I decided to do.”


1527, 08 December 2016


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