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1922, 07 Dec 16

UW Approves Sexual Violence Training


University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross has approved sexual violence prevention training for all students and employees as part of a more comprehensive policy on sexual violence and harassment across the system’s campuses.

Here’s what I don’t like about this… it is expensive training that is a complete waste of time and money for the vast majority of the people forced to take it. Most people adhere to the norms of society and abide by the law. They don’t need to be told – again – to not rape people.

But here’s the real reason:

UW-Madison and UW-Whitewater have been under investigation by the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S Department of Education for officials’ handling of sexual assault complaints.

So because the UW administration is terrible at handling sexual assault complaints, everyone has to take training. Get it? That way they can claim to be “doing something.”
And the taxpayers and students keep paying more and more…

1922, 07 December 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I figured with all this delicate snowflake safe space about prevention on this….UW would ban all the pro-rape gangsta rap music on campus….

    Oh wait…that would be racist. Now what do we do?

    How does that work? Would Kanye West be welcomed as a hero by campus hypocrite liberals while degrading women with his music? Would he be subject to this training if he was on campus?

  2. NHolland

    According to Mr. Scheunemann rape should get the same protected free speech status as gangsta rap. What’s cheaper?… Being proactive or settling the lawsuits that could arise by doing nothing. Love how the critics bellow in twisted distorted fits of rage and spin. Imagine the outrage if it were his delicate snowflake being gang(sta) raped by Kanye and his posse.

    Key words here are “more comprehensive”. These programs have existed for years. They are part of the FOCUS program in which participation is required by all incoming freshmen. Contrary to Mr. Robinson’s assertion, “it is expensive training that is a complete waste of time and money”, research shows these prevention programs work. Maybe, Mr. Scheunemann and Mr. Robinson should put themselves in the position of the potential victims. Teaching female students how to recognize and resist sexual aggression reduces their chances of being raped by nearly half. Teaching young college men how to recognize sexual aggression could aid in preventing one of their buddies from making a drunken testosterone driven mistake. I would rather spend a few tax dollars on an ounce of prevention then unknown amounts trying to cure the victims or lock up and track the perpetrators.

    The uninformed position taken by Mr. Robinson and Mr. Scheunemann shows exactly why such prevention is necessary. It would of helped their arguments if they would have even known the programs already existed. Moreover, approaching the topic from the male perspective of “They don’t need to be told-again-to not rape people” demonstrates why the voices of the victims often go unheard… Hard to believe the honor student whose the captain of the football team and comes from such a fine Christian family would break from “the norms of society”. She probably didn’t say NO after having couple drinks and wearing those tight jeans.

    You two really are a pair!

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    So I could recite Kanye West lyrics on campus?

    Somehow, that would be impossible. His lyrics are so indecent toward women, I can’t even read them without vomiting.

    We need to start fixing this problem by embracing decency….a concept liberals, champions of indecent, don’t really get.

  4. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    You recite/rap all kinds of insulting nonsensical gibberish. This is no different… I.e “liberals, champions of indecent”. Surely, you must know one decent liberal.

    Decency would entail empowering women with the knowledge necessary to avoid being raped.

    Equating or comparing gangsta rap, typically a black form of expression, to sexual violence draws the intended conclusion rape is perpetrated mostly by blacks. Yet another example of your ignorance and lack of diversity.

    Fixing this problem definitely won’t happen with your rhetoric at the helm. Your knowledge and expertise of gangsta rap is impressive. Almost as impressive as your knowledge of black history, sexual violence prevention and free speech. Should I mention Muslims or admission departments?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Denouncing anti-woman Hollywood gangsta culture will do more to prevent sexual assault than any. Of these pseudo-therepy sessions.

    Still a big yawn from liberals on their protection of hateful anti-woman Hollywood culture.

    I’m willing to say Kanye West anti-woman lyrics are awful and insensitive to women and fosters a rape culture…..are you?

  6. NHolland

    Hmmm… Isn’t Tipper Gore a liberal.

    So now you are turning your focus to Hollywood. Gangsta rap wasn’t enough.

    I’m willing to stay on topic… Are you? I’m also trying to reduce sexual assaults in an existing rape culture with knowledge. I would say its easier for a women to choose music then to prevent rape. Or wait, are women supposed to have a choice. But hey, I will rely on your expertise on sexual violence, anti-woman Hollywood culture and gangsta rap. Please tell me how do we protect these helpless women from such injustice? Maybe there’s a book or CD you want to burn before you answer.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you will not denounce pro-rape gangsta rap music?

    That, right there, is why we have such a problem. We are not willing to denounce the rude, crude, and evil of the Hollywood culture fostering this treatment of women as normal.

    This is what I mean by liberals being champion of indecency. Sure, Tipper Gore tried to take this on, but Hollywood culture ostricized her faster than VP Dan Q. Liberals destroy any flicker of decency whenever they can in our society.

    How can you lecture anyone on this when you cannot denounce and reject he simplest misogyny in our culture?

    Very disappointing on your part.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    Besides, Hillary just decried “fake news” yesterday, claiming “lives are at risk.”

    If “fake news” is such a danger and fosters “lives at risk”….can you imagine how much worse Kanye West anti-woman lyrics must be to fostering the rape culture? Why should we put women’s “lives at risk” with lack of simple decency in hollywood culture?

  9. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    “So you will not denounce pro-rape gangsta rap music?”. Who the hell do you think you are dictating what I should denounce. Get a grip!

    We have a problem because of ignorance spewing zealots who spin every issue into an agenda against other Americans. “Liberals destroy any flicker of decency”… Hmm, wasn’t John Glenn a liberal?

    You drift further and further from the topic with every post. Right on spectrum. From sexual violence prevention, to gangsta rap, to Kanye West, to Hollywood, to Hillary. Talk about spin. But I will, for a moment, as you say… bite. Please, oh vast source of gangsta rap music, provide me with those songs or lyrics written or performed by Kanye West promoting the rape of women. Also explain why he is the gangsta rap artist you have targeted and why you believe his genre of music is gangsta rap.

    Back on topic,
    I bet Bill Kramer and T.J. Justice wish they would of had some sexual violence prevention training. Instead, as was the case with Bill Kramer, many of his male colleagues admitted to witnessing the sexual assaults on other occasions but willfully failed to report it. They choose to protect a member of the boys club and turned their backs on the victims. Such honorable men. THAT, RIGHT THERE, IS WHY WE HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM!

    If you are so against crime prevention programs you should ask the police chief of Kewaskum to pull the departments participation (since 1991) with the D.A.R.E. program and the KSD. What about neighborhood watch or the Mcgruff Club. No reason to burden tax payers with a program that doesn’t work Or is a waste of money. They don’t need to be told- again – to not get involved with drugs or how protect their communities. Well at least they can claim to be doing something. And the taxpayers keep paying more and more.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nholland said:

    ““So you will not denounce pro-rape gangsta rap music?”. Who the hell do you think you are dictating what I should denounce. Get a grip!”

    Just thought you would be for decency toward women and against pro-rape music culture.

    I apologize if I thought you supported decency toward women in culture.


  11. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    Another problem is you don’t think.

  12. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    Apparently crime prevention programs are only condoned by you if they benefit your community. Doesn’t St. Lucas sponsor (6 years running) an annual crime and drug prevention program. Aren’t you an active member/treasurer of St. Lucas? Aren’t you the Village President of Kewaskum? Isn’t it true the Village of Kewaskum and the Kewaskum PD support crime and drug prevention programs.

    You are a hypocrite of immeasurable expense.

    One more thing, the guy you voted for is the one who has a long documented history of saying rude, crude and evil things and is fostering a culture normalizing this indecent treatment of women.
    I thought you supported decency toward women in culture… Your vote and your comments here tell a different story. How proud your mother, wife and daughter must be.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    I support crime prevention.  Just ignored your comment because it was off topic.

    I criticized Donald’s locker room talk…but you have to admit that is pre-school stuff next to Kanye West and other vulgar rape culture music.

    I’m willing to say Donald’s locker talk was wrong.

    Are you willing to denounce Kanye West and the Hollywood sewer culture that normalizes mis-treatment of women?

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