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1032, 04 Dec 16

UW Advocates For Illegal Aliens

Frankly, I don’t want my tax dollars going to support organizations that flagrantly violate the law.

It stops short of advocating that UW-Madison declare itself a sanctuary campus for undocumented students in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president, but a resolution up for a vote by faculty Monday calls for the continuation of President Obama’s policies that allows some undocumented students to legally attend college.


1032, 04 December 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    What are we doing accepting illegal/undocumented students for admission in the first place?

    UW needs more defunding until it can demonstrate it will not purposely break the law.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Perhaps your complaints should go to the governors office.  He appoints the Board of Reagents.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not a problem.   Will encourage defunding purposeful law breakers.


  4. Le Roi du Nord


    I know this is completely off topic, but I thought this philosophy was important to you and perhaps you should engage in it.  This is from a Minnesota Lutheran, speaking about his family and how they dealt with the election process:

    ” They were gentle people and evangelical Christians who refrained from voting on the assumption that the Lord was in charge and would put into power whomever He wished. If you voted, you might vote against the Lord’s will”.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    I would have responded:

    “God has blessed us with the right to vote.   By not exercising that blessing, you may be allowing evil to triumph over good.”  I might have added, “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”  (2nd Timothy 1:7)

    We are not required to vote as Christians, but if one felt the presidential race was imposssible to make a good choice, (which is a position I came close to having before I voted for Trump)  they could leave that race blank and vote for down ballot races, which were way more clear…to me anyway.

    Exercising one’s power of the Spirit to vote, or refrain from voting, in presidential race was understandable, but there was a lot more on ballot in almost every locality that one should consider exercising their blessing from God on.


  6. Le Roi du Nord

    “God has blessed us with the right to vote”.    Nope, he didn’t.  And  all the voter fraud republicans have shouted for years that no one has the “right” to vote.  Can’t have it both ways.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    What are you talking about?

    Step away from the Christmas schnappes.

    Every citizen has a right to vote.  Photo ID merely insures no one votes on your behalf.

    There is evil in the world.

    Thanks to photo ID, we caught someone voting twice: once in Village, and again in a neigboring township.   They were reported to Washington County DA.

    Photo ID is a confirmation that no one else can steal your ability to vote for you.


  8. Le Roi du Nord

    God hasn’t blessed you with right to vote.  And you can’t prove otherwise.

    But to correct you on another error, every citizen does NOT have the “right” to vote.  Not according to the Supreme Court. In Bush v. Gore (2000), the Court ruled that “[t]he individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote for electors for the President of the United States.”  Nor does WI have anything in the State Constitution guaranteeing the right to vote.

    I’m not a schnappes guy, christmas or otherwise.  But I did pay attention in Civics class.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    The electors are selected by popular vote winner in the state.   In Wisconsin, they are compelled to vote for the popular vote winner.

    No where in your previous rambling did you mention “electors” or the “electoral college”.   Voters do not select, and never havem, the electors for President.  Voters get to select the person deciding who electors are when it comes to president.

    Seriously, back off the Chrsitmas alcohol.


  10. Le Roi du Nord

    If you are trying to wear me down with excuses it won’t work.

    Fact:  god hasn’t blessed you or anyone else with the right to vote.

    Fact:  You don’t have a “right” to vote.

    Rationalize all you want, just because you say it doesn’t make it so.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    “Do we have a fundamental affirmative individual right to vote in our Constitution? The answer may surprise you – “No.”

    The 15th, 19th and 26th Amendments outlaw discrimination in voting on the basis of race, sex and age respectively, but they do not guarantee eligible American citizens an affirmative individual or citizenship right to vote”.


    Source:  The American Constitution Society

  12. Kevin Scheunemann

    What about 15th amendment that says: “Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States ….”

    Take your head out of the tin foil hat for a little while….the secret alien microwaves must be still getting to your brain.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

    You willfully distort the Amendments of the Constitution to meet your pathological need to been seen as all knowing .    I have asked before and you have always refused to answer; don’t you religious folks consider lying a sin?  How about folks like you, an unrepentant repeat offender?

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    I apologize, I did not realize I had to “hand-hold” your godlessness perspective in our discussion.

    First, let’s establsih God exists in out founding documents and with the founders.

    Let’s start with Declaration of Independence which acknowledges our Almighty Creator.

    The very founding of our country acknowledges God.

    Let’s move to the Preamble.   “blessings of Liberty” clearly acknowledges 2 things.   God and our inalienable ability to choose our leaders.

    Geoarge Washington said it best in our inaugural address to capture how God is pivitol to the Constitution:

    “Such being the impressions under which I have, in obedience to the public summons, repaired to the present station; it would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official Act, my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the Universe, who presides in the Councils of Nations, and whose providential aids can supply every human defect, that his benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the People of the United States, a Government instituted by themselves for these essential purposes: and may enable every instrument employed in its administration to execute with success, the functions allotted to his charge. In tendering this homage to the Great Author of every public and private good I assure myself that it expresses your sentiments not less than my own; nor those of my fellow-citizens at large, less than either. No People can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency. And in the important revolution just accomplished in the system of their United Government, the tranquil deliberations and voluntary consent of so many distinct communities, from which the event has resulted, cannot be compared with the means by which most Governments have been established, without some return of pious gratitude along with an humble anticipation of the future blessings which the past seem to presage. These reflections, arising out of the present crisis, have forced themselves too strongly on my mind to be suppressed. You will join with me I trust in thinking, that there are none under the influence of which, the proceedings of a new and free Government can more auspiciously commence.”

    To call me a “liar” on this is to call George Washington a “liar”.

    I’ll take Washington’s Christianity over your godless accusation anyday of the week.

    Now that we established God is in the Constitution and passionately with the founders, there is no other way, as a Christian to determine the “right to vote” in amendment XV other than a “blessing of Liberty” from God.

    You may reject that, but Christians in this nation hold that as something most sacred and special about this nation.    If you want to call us all “liars”, and nearly 75%+ of us identify as Christian….you would be in a clueless minority on that.


  15. Le Roi du Nord

    “let’s establsih God exists in out founding documents and with the founders”.

    Nope, let’s establish that no one knows, nor can they prove, that god exists.  And if he did, whose god is it?  Yours, or that of a Hindu, Muslim, Druid, or a Rastafarian?  Or that of Jefferson?

    So let’s go back to your two claims:

    “Every citizen has a right to vote”.  Fact is, no they don’t.  As witnessed by the heated debate over voter ID it was pointed out by all sorts of folks on the ID bandwagon that no one has a “right” to vote.  I’m sure you were OK with that as long as it met your world view at the time.

    “God has blessed us with the right to vote”.  No he/she did not.  If your personal belief says you do, fine.  But that doesn’t make it true according to the law.


  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    If you want to dismiss Declaration of Independence, preamble to Constitution, several amendments to Constitution…sure, we could come to you tin foil hat position. I read the whole thing, not dismiss obvious parts.

    You must really detest the Wisconsin Constitution Preamble. It asserts God exists in material fact and everthing that follows is in gratefulness to God. It must really grind your gears.

    I love my country and Constitution, especially state Preamble.

    If you hate this countey so much, you are free to move to Cuba now…..their “Constitution” really stinks.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    You can believe in whatever god you like, but you can’t make either of your claims without a severe conflict with the truth.  But that hasn’t stopped you before and I am sure it won’t in the future.

    “I read the whole thing, not dismiss obvious parts”.  That is absolutely hilarious in light of your truncated and self-serving quote of the 15th Amendment (above).  Do you really run anything through your brain before you push the post button?

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you point out a real conflict with my position, not an imagined conflict, simply because you deny God, we could have a conversation on this.

    I approach this subject with gratitude to God. You appear to stake a position of ungratefulness.

    I take WI Preamble seriously:

    “We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, form a more perfect government, insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare, do establish this constitution.”

    If you are NOT living a life grateful to God, it is difficult to live all the things listed after the 1st sentence in positive life fullfillment.

    You really reject the Constitution and the blessings derived from it…including the right to vote.

    You are free to live life in ungrateful godlessness, but please don’t imply I have a “conflict” when the conflict in absolute truth is really yours.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    Ok, I get it.  You realize you were wrong with your claims, but are using religion as a crutch and deflection to rationalize your inability to admit it.  I expected nothing else.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not at all. WI Preamble is clear. States run elections.

    Your godless position is also clear.

    The only conflict is in your lack of living the Preamble declaration.

    God Bless.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    “States run elections”.   Nope.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll bite.

    Who does?

    (Because, last I checked, State of WI dictates all election policies for this state from registration, to polling place electioneering, to ballot design, to computers used to count ballots, procedures election clerks can use, things election clerks are to prevent/prohibit, and how results are reported.)

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    But, to get back to the original claims you made before the big diversion:  do they guarantee a “right” to vote?  Nope.

  24. Kevin Scheunemann


    So states do run elections.

    Hilarious how fast you ran from that one.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    No, I didn’t
    run” from it.  Your claim is so ridiculous that it didn’t warrant a response.  But sisnce you persist, here goes:

    Clerks in Towns, Villages, Cities, Counties “run” the election.  Even you know that but are being willfully ignorant.  The state isn’t doing the recount, as an example.  There is no state staffer at my town hall when I vote, nor at your polling place.

    And to reiterate, you have no god-given right to vote, nor does the constitution or amendments give you, a middle-aged white guy, a right to vote.

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    Please read:

    (May want to pay special attention to Chapter 7 because it shows all the election clerks are offices created by authority of this Chapter of Stat Stats.)

    Would you like to take back your hilarious comments that states do NOT run elections?

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