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2158, 21 Nov 16

Budget Requests For Wisconsin State Agencies Don’t Add Up

The stage is set.

Wisconsin state revenues are projected to fall $693 million short of what state agencies have requested for the 2017-19 budget, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration said Monday.

The report from the Department of Administration is the first document to take into account budget requests submitted in September. Those requests will be scaled back when the governor releases his budget early next year, and further refined by the Legislature in the months that follow.

First, remember that the entire “shortfall” is because of the Department of Public Instruction’s request for a $707 million increase¬†over the last budget. The DPI is an independent agency that does not report to the Governor.

Second, remember when the media and the Democrats, but I repeat myself, start screaming about Governor Walker “cutting” the budget, he is only cutting the increases. Much to my frustration, Governor Walker and the Republican legislature have not yet actually passed a budget decrease. Every budget has spent more than the previous one.


2158, 21 November 2016


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