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1126, 17 Nov 16

Fitchburg Residents Receive Hate Mail

I’m just going to call “hoax” on this one right now.

Two Fitchburg families were the targets of racist hate mail this week. Becky Ketarkus posted a photograph of a handwritten letter on Facebook Tuesday. Ketarkus’ neighbor, who she identifies as “an adult adoptee from India,” found the letter in her mailbox. The letter included several racial slurs and pointed to Donald Trump’s victory as the catalyst for racial unrest.

“Trump won. Go home. Race wars are on!,” the anonymous writer boasted.


The Fitchburg Police Department reported it received several calls from the media and community members about the letter and they plan to investigate. The recipient has not filed a police report.


1126, 17 November 2016

1 Comment

  1. jonnyv

    Define “hoax”. Hoax as in they perpetrated it themselves for attention?

    I am not going to get up in arms about it until more info is released and the police have done their job. But to immediately write it off as a hoax is very dismissive.

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