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0934, 10 Nov 16

Appeals Court Overturns Cash for Protestors


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin appeals court has voided a nearly $300,000 judgment for demonstrators who were cited for holding signs during massive protests at the state Capitol over Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining restrictions in 2011.

Six protesters filed a lawsuit alleging state regulations prohibiting displaying a sign without a permit in areas of the Capitol violated clearly established free speech rights. A Dane County judge awarded the protesters $289,812.
The 4th District Court of Appeals tossed out the judgment Thursday. The court found that it wasn’t clearly established at the time of the protests that the state’s regulations weren’t valid restrictions on time, place and manner of speech.
I never understood why, even if these folks were wrongly prohibited from holding signs, forcing the taxpayers to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars was a rational remedy.

0934, 10 November 2016


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