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1959, 01 Nov 16

Clinton’s Rich Pardon

Yes, these are sleazy, sleazy people who have a long history of selling access and favors in a way that is indistinguishable from bribery.

Pardoning Rich on his last day in office turned out to be one of Bill Clinton’s most controversial acts of president.

The FBI concluded that Clinton did not follow established procedures when he finalized the pardon, and only informed one person at the Department of Justice that Rich had sought the pardon: future Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder.

FBI director James Comey, then a federal prosecutor, ran the investigation into the Rich pardon. He criticized Holder’s involvement in the controversy, calling the pardon ‘a huge misjudgment.’

But he never recommended criminal charges against anyone embroiled in the scandal.


1959, 01 November 2016


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