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1204, 31 Oct 16

Candidates Less Popular Than a Van Down By the River


Trump earned a -569. Clinton, a -481. That places both candidates in the second-lowest category, characterized as “failure.” “We’ve never seen scores this bad, ever,” sales Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision. When the firm asks consumers to rate vehicles they’ve purchased, there’s rarely a score below 200. One of the lowest scores for any vehicle accrues to the Chevy Express Cargo Van, which earns a score of 207. This is the vehicle that pleases consumers far more than either of their main choices for president this year:

The Chevy Express Cargo Van. Way more appealing than Trump or Clinton.

The research firm did similar polling in 2012. President Obama scored 331. His Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, scored 307. Both polled in the range between “satisfied” and “excellent.” There are some obvious difficulties applying polling methodology meant for automobiles to political candidates. For one thing, people who buy a car have dozens of choices, many tailored to their specific needs and desires. This year’s presidential candidates are more like survivors of attrition warfare than market-tested favorites. Clinton’s shiftiness causes huge trust issues; Trump’s caustic treatment of women, minorities and critics suggests he’s a thin-skinned bully.


1204, 31 October 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    How can we pick the 2 worst possible candidates for president in same election?

    I fault liberal media.

    Liberal media wanted Donald in Republican primary (vs. 15 other good candidates), now have turned on him, and liberal media always wanted a corrupt Hillary.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “How can we pick the 2 worst possible candidates for president in same election?”.

    A good question followed by a nonsense answer.  Maybe the fault should be placed on the uninformed electorate, and on right-wing talking heads the promoted (and still are) trump.

    Walker was a good candidate?  Cruz?  Graham?  That’s crazy.

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