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2119, 23 Oct 16

Ryan Stumps For GOP Across Country

Meanwhile, the GOP’s presidential nominee is attacking down ballot Republicans and making their elections more difficult.

The one-time vice-presidential nominee will use his star power to help raise money and stump for some of his closest friends in the Senate facing competitive reelection races this fall. In the five-week stretch before Election Day, Ryan is headed to Pennsylvania to help his former roommate, Pat Toomey; to Missouri to raise money for Roy Blunt; and back to his home state of Wisconsin for a string of appearances with Ron Johnson.

Ryan has already sent emails soliciting campaign cash, transferred money and had fundraisers to help Republican Senate hopefuls.

His efforts underscore Ryan’s view that a Congress under full GOP control is crucial to passing conservative legislation and promoting his agenda, sources close to him say. It also suggests he feels confident enough about his party’s House prospects that he’s willing to juggle the much bigger challenge of maintaining the party’s tenuous hold on the Senate.


2119, 23 October 2016


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