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2012, 21 Oct 16

Wisconsin AG to Investigate Videos of Voter Fraud


UPDATE (WKOW)– Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says a recent video posted by conservative group Project Veritas shows concerning comments that will require a lengthy investigation.

Project Veritas released two videos earlier this week. They feature Scott Foval, a well-known democratic operative in Madison political circles. The videos, which are highly edited, appear to show Foval taking credit for disrupting a Scott Walker presidential rally, and also talking about how to commit voter fraud.

“I’ve got strong instincts that say if you see a bad guy, go after a bad guy. Those videos appear to have someone bragging about breaking Wisconsin laws and some federal laws. So, my instincts are to take a look at it, and we will do that.”

Since the videos went public the policy group Americans United for Change has fired Foval. Foval tells 27 News these accusations are part of a sinister plot that is nothing more than a ruse.

Schimel says he will examine any materials he and his office can legally get their hands on, so they can take a deeper look and determine if any election laws were broken.


2012, 21 October 2016

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    About time!

    These lawbreaking liberal activists need to be thrown in jail.

    50 years of busing illegal voters in….no wonder they squawk about photo ID.

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