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2350, 20 Oct 16

Lautenschlager Denies Dies to Democrat Election Fraud Operative

For the Chairperson of the State Ethics Commission, Lautenschlager sure does turn a blind eye to unethical people who are fellow travelers – not to mention her own ethical issues.

Lautenschlager has worked closely with Foval, and the Wisconsin chapter of the  People for the American Way he once led, on election initiatives.

They are among several members of Our Democracy 2020, a coalition of left-wing groups that insists on working together on election reforms. Lautenschlager fought side by side with Foval and others to help defeat a ballot issue that effectively removed liberal state Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson from the chief justice position she long held, and they have worked on killing Wisconsin’s voter ID law.

Foval included a link to a video of the liberal pep rally launch of Our Democracy 2020 on his Vimeo page.

In a March 2015 story in the liberal Capital Times, days before voters approved the ballot giving the court the power to decide its own chief justice, Lautenschlager and Foval were quoted as saying the referendum was just one big power grab by Republicans.

On Thursday, however, Lautenschlager didn’t want to answer questions about her old friend Foval.


2350, 20 October 2016

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is Hillary Clinton level forgetfulness.

    Even the close knit liberals recognize the evil caught on the video.

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