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2132, 10 Oct 16

The Bear Growls

It’s been a few decades since Russia rattled the nuclear saber this much.

Critics call him the “Kremlin’s chief propagandist”. And like many other top Russian officials, he is on the Western sanctions blacklist.

But the warning he delivered to Washington in last night’s edition of his show News of the Week was, even for him, particularly dramatic. “Impudent behaviour” towards Russia may have “nuclear” consequences, he said.

“A Russian takes a long time to harness a horse, but then rides fast,” said the news anchor, quoting a famous Russian saying.

By “riding fast”, Kiselyov was referring to a string of recent Russian military deployments:

  • Last week, Moscow sent three warships from the Black Sea Fleet to the Mediterranean: on board, cruise missiles that can carry nuclear warheads

  • Russia deployed nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles into the Kaliningrad region bordering Poland

  • The Russians announced they would send 5,000 paratroopers to Egypt for military exercises

  • Moscow also suspended three nuclear agreements with the United States

My understanding is that SoS Kerry will respond with a sternly worded letter.


2132, 10 October 2016


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