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1350, 08 Oct 16

October Madness

So I understand from the news this morning that Donald Trump is a sexist pig and Hillary Clinton is a crooked liar. Neither of these facts are revelations. We, as Americans, have chosen two of the most despicable people imaginable to contend for the presidency atop the two major parties.

At this point, given that both candidates are horrible people with enough baggage to fill a caravan on the Silk road to hell, the person who will win the election is the one we talk about the most until election day. The more we talk about Clinton, the more we hate her. The more we talk about Trump, the more we hate him. That’s why Clinton won the first debate – they spent most of the time talking about Trump. If they spend the most time talking about Clinton in the second debate, Trump will win.

I truly hate this presidential election. Our nation is diminished by the mere fact that these are the candidates for the major parties.


1350, 08 October 2016


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