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2241, 06 Oct 16

American Chess Champion Boycotts Championship Over Forced Hijab

I’m struggling to understand how anyone named their kid this.

After learning that the 2017 Women’s World Chess Championship would be held in Iran, America’s top female chess player announced this week that she would boycott the tournament in the name of women’s rights.

Nazi Paikidze-Barnes, a Russian-born Georgian-American, has led a public boycott of the event along with a number of her female competitors who object to the Islamic Republic’s strict enforcement of a law mandating women’s use of a hijab, or headscarf.

Paikidze won the U.S. championship in 2016 and is rated as a Grandmaster by FIDE, the sport’s international governing body.

As for the boycott, good for her.


2241, 06 October 2016


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