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2230, 05 Oct 16

The Joseph Project

Some good people are doing some good work in Milwaukee.

My name is Jerome Smith Sr. As someone actively working to improve my community, I know it sometimes seems like there are too few people who care.

Whether it’s murders, drop-out rates, or drug addiction, the place we call home is one of the most challenging cities in America, and there isn’t a lot of sunshine.

Yet, it is in the middle of these struggles that I’ve been able to gain an unexpected friend and partner in helping take on some of our community’s greatest challenges. That friend is U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

After several conversations, Ron Johnson, myself, and some of his staff partnered together to construct a plan around this new idea. The Joseph Project is an initiative to connect people in our community with good-paying jobs.


2230, 05 October 2016


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