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0936, 24 Sep 16

D.C. Hotels Use Picture of Wisconsin Capital


The photo is beguiling: Pink clouds hover over the capitol building at sunset, stirring the hearts of visitors to the District of Columbia as they prepare to tour a city that stands as a symbol of democracy.

Except the photo, used on the websites of at least five Washington-area hotels, isn’t a photo of the U.S. Capitol — it’s a photo of downtown Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. And while Madison is, perhaps, no less beguiling or democratic than the District, it is more than 800 miles away from the banks of the Potomac River.

Websites for the George Washington University Inn, Avenue Suites Georgetown and One Washington Circle Hotel were among the hotels that displayed the photo. A spokeswoman for parent company Modus Hotels said the selection of the photo was an accident.


0936, 24 September 2016


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