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1713, 19 Sep 16

Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Trump

But it’s her time!!!

The president of Philadelphia’s police union says Hillary Clinton has only herself to blame for the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorsing rival Donald Trump after she declined an earlier invitation to meet with the group.


McNesby on Monday said Clinton’s campaign shrugged off the FOP’s overtures to win its backing earlier this year.

“They didn’t care,” he said. “Their attitude, then, back in July, during the [Democratic National Convention], was they were going to win this thing anyways, so who cares?

It is interesting that much of the media’s coverage of the national FOP’s endorsement has been centered around them defending not endorsing Hillary. Instead of just reporting the endorsement, the media felt a need to probe them on why they wouldn’t endorse Hillary instead.


1713, 19 September 2016


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