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2033, 01 Sep 16

Kaepernick Wears Pig Socks

What a jerk.

After the head of a national police organization blasted Colin Kaepernick on Thursday for wearing socks with cartoon pigs in police hats, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback said he didn’t want the apparel to distract from his protest of racial inequalities in America.

On Instagram, Kaepernick said he wore the socks in practice to make a statement — but he did so before he took a public stance by refusing to stand for the national anthem at preseason games.


2033, 01 September 2016

1 Comment

  1. Pat

    I guess it’s no worse than people running around with t-shirts that say, “Hillary sucks, but not as good as Monica”, or “Trump that Bitch”.
    Patriotism is more than putting your hand over your heart, or standing for the National Anthem, or waving the flag. If it was , then going to church every Sunday would make you a Christian.

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