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1059, 27 Aug 16

University of Missouri Sees Enrollment Drop

Parents want to know that their kids are going to a campus that is safe and a school that has a suitable environment in which to learn. MU failed on both of those basic requirements. They made it clear that if you’re a white kid, you’re assumed to be racist and you deserve to be harassed. I’d be curious to see the demographic makeup of the incoming freshman class as compared to to previous classes – or Missouri as a whole, for that matter.

The University of Missouri’s (MU) flagship Columbia campus has officially lost a staggering 23 percent of its freshman class this year, an even worse figure than administrators initially predicted in the wake of major racial strife.

The big enrollment drop at MU has been brewing for months, but finally became a reality this week with the start of fall term on campus. MU’s freshman class this year has some 4,799 students, a drop of over 1,400 from last year, when freshmen numbered 6,211. Overall enrollment is down by over 2,200, a drop of about 7 percent, according to preliminary numbers released by the school.


It’s not hard to find the cause of the school’s woes. Last year, the black activist group Concerned Student 1950 launched a major protest effort, claiming the school was a hotbed of racism and demanding the ouster of MU president Thomas Wolfe. After black members of the football team went on strike, their demands were swiftly met. At the same time, professor Melissa Click was caught on camera attacking a student journalist trying to cover the protests, and calling for “muscle” to carry him off if he refused to leave. Though Click was eventually fired, campus officials otherwise focused on trying to placate protesters and meet their demands, but this only spurred follow-up protests.



1059, 27 August 2016

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’ve long stated this kind of liberal campus behavior is preventing education.

    Glad to see a ton of young people are staying away from the liberal campus hate.

    Good job!

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