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1513, 26 Aug 16

Obama Welched on Donation


As President Barack Obama tried to console the parents of Kayla Mueller after she was killed in ISIScaptivity last year, they say he offered to make a contribution to a foundation they had established in her name.

But he has yet to do so, the parents say, 17 months after he made his promise to them on March 13, 2015.

“I’m still waiting for that donation, Mr. President,” Carl Mueller said in an ABC News interview broadcast this morning on Good Morning America, as part of an hour long investigation to be aired tonight on 20/20.

The White House acknowledges that he promised a donation and that he hasn’t done it after over a year. It’s pretty simple, he made an empty promise and welched on it. He might make good on it now, but only because he was called on it.


1513, 26 August 2016

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  1. jjf

    1857, racing slang, “to refuse or avoid payment of money laid as a bet,” probably a disparaging use of the national name Welsh.

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