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1934, 24 Aug 16

Milwaukee Parks Director Mandates Permits for Pokemon Characters

What a waste of time and money. Good luck enforcing that…

Developers of Pokemon Go must obtain geocaching permits for each Pokemon character location withinMilwaukee County Parks or remove the sites from the popular game played on mobile phones and other devices, Parks Director John Dargle says in a letter to the game’s developer Niantic Inc.

The intent of the letter is not to shut the game out of the parks but to alert San Francisco-based Niantic that it will be responsible for monitoring each Pokemon location at least four times a year for damage caused by throngs of players, Dargle said.

The county needs to know where all the Pokemon characters hang out in the parks to ensure they are not located in natural areas or other environmentally sensitive habitats that cannot tolerate such disturbances, he said.


1934, 24 August 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This sounds like a government job that needs to be eliminated.

  2. jjf

    What’s the difference between establishing a virtual geocache and telling someone to go somewhere? ¬†Whoever promotes National Library Week is in big trouble.

    I’m going to register the virtual geocache located in Hell, so whenever someone tells someone to go to Hell, I’ll get the credit.

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