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0642, 24 Aug 16

DPI Expands Options for Teacher Licensing

This is a positive step. We shouldn’t put up arbitrary hurdles to letting good teachers into the classrooms.

State schools Superintendent Tony Evers on Tuesday announced a group of changes to the state’s teacher licensing process including allowing teachers with emergency one-year licenses to renew even if they haven’t yet passed required tests, and allowing retired teachers or teachers planning to retire to gain a nonrenewable five-year license without going through training typically required to get such licenses.


Other changes taking effect this school year are increasing the number of days a short-term substitute teacher can stay in the same teaching assignment from 20 days to 45 days and adding new ways for teachers to gain additional licenses in other subjects based on passing subject-area tests.

The changes are being implemented through a process that does not require legislative or Gov. Scott Walker’s approval.


0642, 24 August 2016


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