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2157, 19 Aug 16

Recycling Encouraged in West Bend

This is curious.

For the 2016-17 school year, the Director of Elementary Education will be shared by Nan Lustig and Al Pauli.  Lustig  has been with the WBSD for 29 years in multiple capacities including Reading Specialist, Reading Recovery teacher, Reading and Integrated Language Arts (ILA) Coordinator, and Principal at Decorah Elementary.  Last year she served the WBSD as a Learning Specialist.

Pauli recently retired from the District after 40 years and served as Chief Academic Officer, Director of Standards and Assessments, Elementary  Principal, and was also a kindergarten teacher.  

If Pauli “retired” just last year from a leadership position in the district, why is he back as a Director this year?


2157, 19 August 2016


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