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0629, 19 Aug 16

Officer Shooting Deemed Justified

It was a good shoot. Thankfully, the officer and the woman are okay.

District Attorney Mark Bensen has concluded the July 1 fatal shooting of a Hubertus man by a Jackson Police Department officer during a domestic incident was justified, according to a release.

At around 7 p.m., three Jackson officers and a sheriff’s deputy responded to a residence on Stonewall Drive after a woman reported her boyfriend was attacking her. Officers found Helmut Wihowski, 58, in a bathroom trying to slash the woman with a kitchen knife.

After ignoring orders to drop the weapon, Officer Kyle Henning fired twice at the man.

According to the release, the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s criminal investigation division submitted its report to Bensen on Aug. 1, who concluded Henning’s use of deadly force was appropriate in the situation.

Do you know what you won’t see in Washington County today?



0629, 19 August 2016

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I know!

    There will be no riots!!

    There will be a lot of thanking this officer for a job well done. Maybe some talk why this criminal was so dumb.

    Good was comfirmed to be good in defeating criminal evil.

    Since I believe criminal was white ( not really sure, and don’t care about criminal’s race) even liberals will not even attempt to generate sympathy for this criminal.

    Think I got it all.

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