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2104, 14 Aug 16

Governor Activate National Guard to Quell Milwaukee Violence

Necessary, but sad that it is.

Following a request from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and after discussions with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Adjutant General Donald Dunbar, I have activated the Wisconsin National Guard to be in a position to aid local law enforcement upon request.

I commend the citizens who volunteered in clean-up efforts this morning. This act of selfless caring sets a powerful example for Milwaukee’s youth and the entire community. I join Milwaukee’s leaders and citizens in calling for continued peace and prayer.

It is also important for citizens to know that Wisconsin is the first state in the nation to have a law requiring an independent investigation anytime there is a shooting by a law enforcement officer that leads to a death. I will not comment on the specifics of the case as it is now under this investigation. I do, however, hope people will give law enforcement the respect that they deserve for working so hard to keep us safe.

Let’s hope for a night without any deaths, injuries, or property damage. Is that too much to hope for?


2104, 14 August 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It is not to much to hope for.

    We need to raise our standards and refuse to allow criminals to run our streets.

    Glad David Clarke has been a great leader against the lawless. Milwaukee would be lost without him.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Where is BLM? (Besides burning down the city).

    BLM should be rushing to support this black officer and David Clarke according to recent comments by my favorite liberal?

  3. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    There is nothing more irresponsible then instigating violence with false accusations. I spent the majority of my day in this neighborhood with other members of my church. We joined prayer groups and helped clean up what we were allowed to. There were many members of the BLM movement there helping to calm the anger felt by young community members who as you should know act more on impulse then on rational thought. There were many emotional moments between police and the community. Hugs and tears were shared by all. So, yes BLM was there and they were involved with spreading peace and calm. Where were you?
    I expected nothing less then more of your BS and slander its a habitual problem. If you don’t think falsely accusing a group of burning down a city is wrong then there truly is a place for you in hell.
    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    That’s outstanding.

    Why don’t leaders of BLM (or members) come out and commend this officer, and other officers, for protecting the neighborhood?   I certainly do!

    We need this kind of leadership vs. the BLM rhetoric of the past that gives the lawless an excuse to riot.   (Some of these rioters identified with BLM movement).

    Will you be one of those leaders, with your fellow good Samaritans, to stand up and make a leadership statement on this?

    That would be even more outstanding.

  5. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    I am not a leader of any group but I do speak out against intolerance. I don’t belong to nor have I ever marched with them. If you want to ask BLM these questions you should get involved. Take your church to the inner city. Help spread peace, thank police officers and clean up.
    That would be even more outstanding.
    Watching from afar and being critical doesn’t solve anything.
    Getting involved doesn’t mean choosing sides.
    Get involved and you would see the BLM message isn’t of violence and hate. This doesn’t mean you have to support them or march. Showing up to spread the word of GOD is most important. Being able to witness, first hand, all the other groups and their messages gives a honest perspective you want see on Fox News.
    One last thing… Please don’t call me your favorite liberal. You really know nothing about me.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    I was doing church work, while you were cleaning up.    I was helping a broken family from church solve several issues, to what appears to be a happy resolution.

    I have several church visits on my agenda next day or 2 and will see if I can get a group together.

    Do consider taking a leadership role, otherwise those without leaders may thirst for leadership from the wrong leaders…leaders that perpetuate the decades old problems.

  7. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    I have and will in the future take on leadership roles in the community. I didn’t imply you weren’t active on a Sunday but glad to hear of your efforts.
    By all means organize a group and do anything you can for those in such desperate need. That community is suffering more then any other in this state. All of the issues and resolutions aside these people need Christian love and compassion.
    They need you.
    They need me.
    They even need BLM. Believe it or not there are some very caring Christian people involved with that movement. And yes I agree some less desirable types.

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