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0916, 09 Aug 16

Hartford Youth Football Treasurer Suspected of Stealing Funds

Wow. From the Washington County Insider.

Some difficult news for families of Hartford Youth Football as word came down this week that a theft from the organization’s bank account is under investigation.

Jim Sedlachek, HYFB President, spoke exclusively with

He said the situation is “still under investigation and technically she has not been charged with anything right now.”

The ‘she’ Sedlachek is refers to is the treasurer of the club. The HYFB website has removed the name of the woman who held the position. There’s no word if she is still with the HYFB, nor were any details released on the amount of money reportedly missing.

Despite the situation, Sedlachek praised the Youth Football organization and said “it’s a great community to work with and parents and families have been supportive.”

Sedlachek, who has been president of the club since May, said they found a discrepancy in the HYFB account on July 1, 2016.

“Once she’s charged we’ll have more to say,” he said.

I heard a rumor that she stole upwards of $60,000.

People… seriously… even in the smallest of organizations like this, please enact, and adhere to, some simple money management protocols to reduce the likelihood of theft. Simple things like requiring two people to sign off on any expenditures, running everything through a bank account (no cash), regular audits by a 3rd party, etc., can go a long way to preventing this kind of things. But so many organizations ignore those practices because they trust the people involved and think that none of them would steal. But people do. This is true whether it’s a youth football group, a charity, a church, a Girl Scout troupe, or any other group. Thieves thrive on the misplaced trust of good people.


0916, 09 August 2016


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