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1519, 06 Aug 16

Obama Abuses Office… Again

There was a time when an outgoing president would rise above the partisan fray and understand that it is unseemly for him to use the power of his office to disparage the potential choice of the citizens. That time has passed.

Washington (CNN)It’s one more historic barrier President Barack Obama has shattered.

His vehement warnings that GOP nominee Donald Trump is temperamentally and intellectually unfit for the Oval Office leave Obama standing apart from almost all of his 43 predecessors in the extent to which he has publicly expressed a hostile attitude to a potential successor.
During yet another turbulent week in a convention-busting election campaign, Obama cloaked himself in the symbolism-laden settings of the Pentagon and an appearance with a foreign dignitary in the White House to denounce Trump as “unfit” for the Oval Office.
His intent was not merely to stage a political intervention to improve the election chances of fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton and with it the likelihood of securing his legacy.

1519, 06 August 2016

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  1. NHolland

    President Obama is still a citizen. Taking the oath of office didn’t gag his right to speech. Although not common practice in this case it is not only necessary but essential for him to disparage Trump. On this blog Trump has earned many accolades…
    “as fickle as a cat’s love”
    “Can’t believe Republicans nominated this clown”
    “He will likely tear down any semblance of constitutional government”
    “Detestable man”
    And of course the single and most telling reason why he should be called out for being unfit…

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