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1831, 01 Aug 16

Tearing Down Societal Norms

Randy Marquardt, the Vice Chair of the Washington County GOP and former school board president, penned a great column over at Washington County Insider.

The liberal left has been successfully eroding societal norms so that they can segregate us all into special-interest groups – to more easily be pitted against another, using the “fairness” argument.  Apparently, any time a person does not get what they want, the situation is deemed unfair and needs to be rectified (usually by striking down some long-held societal norm).  They have long-since stopped being concerned with actual discrimination and have now moved on to creating special rights for their constituent groups.  It is no longer enough to look at everyone as equals – it is now about recognition, and acceptance/approval, of individuals within these special groups.



1831, 01 August 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great column.

    My only criticism is:

    Liberals will never use the “fairness” argument for Christians.   That would hinder the liberal embrace of every possible social perversion.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Are there no liberal Christians?  I’m pretty sure I talked to about a dozen this weekend.

    On a funnier note, I saw an ad while reading this Op Ed  for Bob Fish Buick in West Bend.  On the logo was a mammal, not a fish.  Or is the real name Bob Dolphin Buick?  Or is the science department at WB High really that poor?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    All depends on what you mean by “liberal Christian”.

    If it means embracing abortion (baby killing), stealing, embracing criminal evil over God given law enforcement, and endorsing every social perversion under the sun…there is debate whether one is Christian at that point.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    So, in truth, you are the one that determines who is Christian or is not, correct?  None of the “liberal Christians” I talked to this weekend have any perversions that I know of other than being good citizens, and concerned about the future of our great nation.  I’m sure you would differ with them on many topics.  I would love to listen in on your discussion with them.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Define what you mean by “liberal Christian” then.

    My definition of Christian is one who embraces the gospel of Christ as redeemer from sin and lived a life that strives to reflect Christ.

    No where in that biblical definition do I see advocating unborn baby killing, demeaning law enforcement, and embracing the social perversion of today’s liberal agenda.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    How about science, social justice, equal rights, etc?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Christians believe in honest science. As long as we recognize honest science does not include unproven theories like evolution or global warming. Fortune Telling or guessing is not honest science.

    “Social justice” meaning what? If it means treating others nicely, great, all for that. If it is a license to embrace evil acts and ignore victims of those evil acts, not very Christian.

    “Equal rights” meaning what? If it means giving special rights to the liberal flavor victim group of the month…..

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    So in reality you determine who is a Christian and who isn’t.  Or, to borrow from one of your idols, you are the decider.  I’ll tell my friends that they really aren’t true Christians.  That should make their day.

  9. NHolland

    I am completely shocked. Imagine a Republican fighting for the rights of the majority. Rest assured whites you have your champion. Who needs to accommodate those African Americans, Native Americans or those with special needs. Was that terminology to politically correct or should I just use the old terminology niggers, red skins and retards.

    The transgender issue is just another prime example of Republicans ending up on the wrong side of history. I am not surprised Mr. Marquardt didn’t mention any other liberal special interest groups. Surely He recognized he would open himself up to extreme criticism. Just look at the heat the other great white hope,Trump, is getting for his attacks on minority groups. I wish Mr. Marquardt would have given examples of “societal norms”. Again, he probably realized the potential for self inflicted disaster. What Mr. Marquardt should concern himself with is his apparent lack of sexual security. Why the obsession with the transgender. We have found ways to accommodate those blacks, Indians and handicapped. Is it out of the question to have a couple unisex bathrooms available. Most schools already have them. Furthermore, the way the human body (nakedness) is viewed as something shameful to be covered up and hidden behind closed doors lends to the body image issues suffered by many. The human body,created in Gods image, should be celebrated. Not everything is about sex.

    Then again, maybe Mr. Marquardt is right. We should take a hard look at those special interest groups eroding societal norms. Lets start with the NRA, Planned Parenthood, National Beer Wholesalers Association. All are major contributors to the Republican Party (yes, Planned Parenthood) and all can be linked to the erosion of societal norms. I would think the erosion would be self evident but I will spell it out. Gun violence, abortion and alcoholism. I find it absolutely inexcusable the “prolife party” takes money from those baby killers.

    Lets get back to the major failing of Mr. Marquardt’s premise. Special interest groups by definition contribute money to try and buy the favor of politicians. The constituent groups that Dems supported through discrimination are not organized. African Americans, Native Americans or those with special needs don’t contribute as special interest groups. However, it is a novel idea and I will bring it up to my local Dems. Imagine the power and amount of those dollars. Anyway, the real problem Mr. Marquardt is having trouble dealing with is Democrats have won the fight for minority groups. Again and again Dems have, according to Supreme Court decisions, been on the right side of history and are now positioned to dominate the political scene for a generation. Trump is helping seal the deal thanks to his politically incorrect unfairness.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    I don’t decide.   However, we should be able to discern Christian behavior by outward actions.

    If one says it is OK to kill unborn babies, embrace lifstyles beyond God’s design for marriage, or unfairly impugns hardworking law enforcement officers, do their actions fit with what faith in Christ looks like?

    Galations 5:22

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

    Ephesians 5:11

    Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

  11. Dan

    To NHolland, you are so full of crap.

    As a conservative, I have taught in the toughest/worst schools in Milwaukee (Vincent and North Division) and I am a special education teacher, working with the most severely disabled, mostly minority students.

    Can you say that?

    On my blog, Las Vegas Badger, I have advocated that Obama doesn’t do crap about the violence in Chicago…you tell me 1 thing Obama has done about the violence in Chicago.  There have been several thousands of killings in Chicago and Obama does nothing.  Maybe the funeral directors paid Obama and the democrats handsomely to allow the violence to continue.

    I have also stuck up for Blacks who have been screwed by liberals.

    Liberalism is a disease because people who believe in liberalism also believe in racism, bigotry, hate speech and putting people into welfare plantations.

    So, NHolland, you are so full of hate and racism, it’s pathetic.

  12. NHolland

    Oh Dan,
    Your credentials have little to do with the issue at hand nor do your efforts sticking up for blacks. Making up a fantasy scenario about Obama and displaying your limited writing skills also takes away from any point you try to make.

    So, Dan, simply calling me names and telling me I am full of hate and racism proves my point. Can’t you see how foolish you have made yourself look. Accusing others of one thing and then doing it yourself is quite hypocritical. Simply tooting your own horn, living in the hypothetical and calling others names does not a case make. Its no wonder your blog has no following. Best of luck

  13. TEXAG

    NHolland wrote: “Is it out of the question to have a couple unisex bathrooms available. Most schools already have them.”

    This was exactly the point of the editorial…The solution posed is a common-sense idea, which many schools, including West Bend, had already made, and almost everybody was fine with.  However, Obama’s Department of Education decided that this type of accommodation was still discriminatory and, through threat of withholding Title I dollars, made it known that districts better go further in allowing those kids full access, according to their “self-identitfied” gender.

  14. NHolland

    Maybe you should read that disgusting opinion piece one more time. Mr. Marquardt goes much further then posing a simple solution. Any group recognized should receive full access or full inclusion. Mr. Marquardt went to great lengths, insulting many, to just try and say here’s a couple of unisex bathrooms. That wasn’t his thesis nor was it mine. Who cares about individual rights anyway.

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