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1205, 23 Jul 16

Leaks Reveal Coordination Between Press and Democrats

Yes, the Fourth Estate is a Democrat-owned plantation.

An influential reporter at Politico made an apparent “agreement” with the Democratic National Committee to let it review a story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine before it was submitted to his editors, leaked emails published by WikiLeaks on Friday revealed.



The final copy of the story did not appear have any significant edits, and Clinton’s campaignseemed unhappy with the final copy of the article. But sending an advanced copy of a story to a subject represents a break from typical journalistic ethics.



1205, 23 July 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It’s how Hillary gets away with her criminal behavior.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    And what criminal behavior is that?

  3. Richard Seman

    More double standards and hypocrisies brought to you by Owen R. and Kevin S. As if the GOP didn’t push every and any candidate over Trump. I am sure there are internal GOP documents showing just that. Give it time and some sabotaging conservative will expose all. The difference is, at least Bernie came out in full endorsement of the Hillary. Hell, neither Owen nor Kevin have endorsed Trump. As far as I know Owen is still on the NEVER TRUMP bandwagon and Kevin just needs someone to follow.

  4. Northern Pike

    You don’t think Politico’s reporters have ever struck the same deal with a Republican? It’s not about ideology; it’s about access, and it confirms why Politico was never on my Internet reading list.

    I hope WikiLeaks is working just as hard to reveal the RNC’s email treasure trove.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Aside from the fact her stunning inaction got our ambassador raped and killed by Islamic terrorists, and covered it up by blaming some un related video….

    Aside from the fact she grossly mishandled classified information and obstructed the investigation….

    Aside from the fact she covers up and hides her husbands sexual abuse of women….

    Assange is promising his next dump of documents will for sure get her areested.

    I’m still skeptical because liberals seem to excuse almost any evil by the liberal candidate these days while crucifying poor Mrs. Trump for a plagerized line.

    Why don’t liberals criticize Hillary when she plagerized Hitler when she said societal needs must take importance over individual needs?

  6. Le Roi du Noed

    So for there is no definitive proof of ant rape in Benghazi. If you have some that isn’t already available would you share?

    By definition, you aren’t a criminal until you are convicted. Could you provide the dates and jurisdictions of the convictions?

    By definition, Mrs. Trump isn’t poor.

    Could you provide the citations for the Clinton/Hitler claim?


  7. Le Roi du Noed

    Sorry, that should be “any”, not “ant”.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    “Poor” in the context of being victim of hypocrite liberal savages.

    Hillary: “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.”

    Hitler: “Society’s needs come before individual needs.”

    Where is the liberal plagerism outrage???? Is it because liberals love it when Hillary embraces the biggest socialist of them all?

    You need a conviction to call someone a criminal? So all that liberal “civil” discourse about George W was a lie now?

  9. Le Roi du Noed


    I’m sure you defended the alleged plagiarism of Ms. Burke as well?

    And society or communities would break down if everyone acted solely as an individual. So would capitalism as we know it now. Comparing Clinton to Hitler is ridiculous.

    And to you last point, is Walker a criminal? Using your standards he would be.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    So are you saying Hillary doesn’t believe individual needs should be subordinate to societal needs?

    That’s what Hitler fervently believed.

    Individuals recognize a social cohesion is necessary to pursue individual interests. Anarchy does not serve wealth creation. However, a greedy, over regulating government disposing of individual effort without permission for it’s own ends is just as dangerous…something Hillary and Hitler both advocated.

  11. Le Roi du Nord


    I’m saying you are making a straw man argument to serve your own purposes. Likening Clinton to Hitler is foolish. You and everybody else knows that. Now if you had compared Trump to Mussolini I would have agreed with you.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    If the Mrs. Trump plagerism of Michele O. was such a big deal, why is Hillary’s plagerism of Hitler not a big deal?

    Hillary’s quote was much closer to Hitler than Mrs. Trump to Michele Obama was.

    Hillary’s quote was scary. Mrs. Trump’s was not.

  13. Le Roi du Nord


    You are on the fringe of being ridiculous with your comparison. An informed and rational voter would pick up on that right away.

    P.S. : The word is “plagiarism”.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Thanks for finally picking up on that.

    That was purposeful because the Mrs. Trump speech was not a real scandal.

    Was I too subtle by using a fake word deeived from liberal Ebonics?

  15. Major Booris

    Does admitting errors cause you physical pain or something, Kevin?

    Kindly explain the deep and subtle connection between Ebonics and the word ‘plagerism’ for us unlettered heathens.

  16. Le Roi du Nord


    I picked up on your difficulties with spelling, syntax and grammar long ago. But I didn’t feel compelled to point it out until now. Maybe you have a learning disability, dyslexic, etc. Why embarrass you in public, as I try to be nice to people less fortunate than I.

    But your persistent misuse coupled with your bogus argument required me to act.

    So now you know how to spell the word, maybe you can explain, as asked politely by the Major, the connection between Ebonics and your poor spelling.


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