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0720, 21 Jul 16

Trump Camp Denies VP Offer to Kasich

Yeah, it’s a little hard to believe that Trump would offer, or even feel the need to offer, so much power to Kasich to lure him to the ticket.

(CNN)Donald Trump and John Kasich’s teams are at war over whether the Republican presidential nominee ever seriously wanted the Ohio governor to join the ticket.

Multiple sources close to Kasich said Trump’s son, Donald Jr., tried to entice Kasich with a position as the most powerful vice president in history, but he turned it down. Kasich would have been in charge of all domestic and foreign policy in a Trump White House, Kasich sources said.
But Trump’s communications adviser insisted Wednesday that, while a call occurred between Donald Trump Jr. and top Kasich adviser John Weaver, a vice presidential offer was never on the table.
“It’s completely ridiculous,” Jason Miller said. “There was never an offer made. It’s completely made up.”
Miller added: “Gov. Kasich is just being a sore loser.”
Donald Trump Jr. also denied making such an offer.

0720, 21 July 2016


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