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1722, 10 Jul 16

Breathable Ibuprofen

Very cool.

COLLEGE STATION – Researchers at Texas A&M are working on a big development that could help people suffering from cystic fibrosis: breathable ibuprofen.

Carolyn Cannon is a pediatric lung doctor. Many of her patients have cystic fibrosis. While, she knows ibuprofen can help their lungs, the drug can hurt their digestive tracks.

“You can actually erode and have bleeding, huge bleeding so it can be very scary for a patient,” said Cannon.

Cannon is working with a team of researchers at Texas A&M to bypass the side effects by creating “breathable ibuprofen.” The drug goes directly to the lungs to help inflammation and kill bacteria, clearing up lung infections.


1722, 10 July 2016


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