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1029, 01 Jul 16

Legislature May Cut MPS Funding For Failure to Reform

The power of the legislature is the Power of the Purse. They should use it until the leadership of MPS and Milwaukee cares as much about the kids as the rest of the people in Wisconsin.

The head of the state Senate on Thursday said lawmakers may cut the budget for Milwaukee Public Schools because of local resistance to a turnaround district that prompted a top official to resign.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said Republicans were so frustrated with MPS they may push for dramatic changes to how the state’s largest school district operates.

“Unfortunately, I think the only hammer is, ‘Listen, if you’re not going to participate, if you’re going to try to work around the law and we’re going to end up in court over this thing, then you’re probably going to see some significant reduction in revenue for MPS schools related to the opportunity schools.’ And I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I can see already that it’s kind of being teed up that way,” Fitzgerald said Thursday in an interview on “UpFront with Mike Gousha” on WISN-TV.


1029, 01 July 2016

1 Comment

  1. Mark Maley

    My solution
    – privatize MPS
    – take back every $ given to vouchers for parochial schools and demand that we give that idea a time to work

    That gives the private entity no excuse not to produce the stellar “turn around ” results legislators yearn for at MPS

    Give it 6 years .

    Then , if it success , we know capitalism works in public education

    If it fails , we can tell everyone who thinks they have a magic bullet to sit on their hands

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