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0859, 01 Jul 16

Jackson Considers Sports Complex

Looks like Jackson’s Plan Commission is skeptical of the new sports complex being proposed.

262-306-5076 JACKSON — A conceptual plan for a large indoors sports complex featuring a full-size soccer field, 10 volleyball courts, five basketball courts, batting cages, a golf hitting area, sports medicine clinic and a 24-hour fitness center didn’t score many points with members of the village’s Plan Commission on Thursday night.

The complex plan, proposed for a vacant 44-acre parcel just north of Hasmer Lake on Highway P near Rosewood Lane, was presented to the commission by West Bend Mayor Kraig Sadownikow, the president of American Architectural Group Inc., and attorney Phil Dahlberg.


The commission voted to table the project for a month.

Habel said he hopes when the developers return in July, they will bring back information on who their backers are, what athletic groups have committed to support the complex and that they will share more details on their business plan for the project.

I’m a bit skeptical of the plan too, but again, it’s not my money. What the story doesn’t say is what the developers are asking of the city besides permission. But if the developers aren’t asking for any financing from the village, then the commissioners should not be in the business of vetting the business plan. They should be facilitating development, not throwing up roadblocks.


0859, 01 July 2016

1 Comment

  1. Mark Maley

    The Closest thing I know of to this type of plan is in Waukesha .

    That facility has been turned over a few times with zero investment in the facilities

    Whether that type of faculty can actually turn a profit may be in doubt but their lack of upgrading might make a new facility a destination spot

    We don’t know what the ask was of the developers but the concept seems sound in lieu of the paucity of similar ventures in the 4 county area

    I have confidence in the Mayors business acumen .
    But why he would want to deal with the
    ” little village ” mentality of Jackson
    Is a puzzler to me

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