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2024, 28 Jun 16

OMG! What Should We Wear to the Terrorist Attack!?!?

No fault on these Marines who were following the orders of incompetent idiots who were more concerned about appearances than saving the lives of Americans under attack.

New details in a report released Tuesday by the House select committee investigating the deadly Benghazi attack showed that senior State Department officials debated whether responding with U.S. Marines in uniform would appear to be an invasion.

Marines ordered to rescue Americans under siege at a diplomatic compound were told to change in and out of uniform four times as officials debated.

“We were told multiple times to change what we were wearing, to change from cammies into civilian attire, civilian attire into cammies, cammies into civilian attire,” the commander of a Marine Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Team (FAST) platoon testified to the committee, referring to camouflage fatigues.

“There was also some talk of whether or not we could carry our personal weapons,” he added.


2024, 28 June 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Just when I think the depths of liberalism cannot sink any lower.

    There it is.

    Those of you voting for Hillary…aren’t you disgusted by the sheer lack of leadership and lack of emphasis on what is important in this situation?

    She is not about defeating the bad guys. She only cares how her action looks through the evil lens of the bad guys.

    This is treason. Betraying the trust of everyone killed in this Muslim terrorist attack.

  2. Washington Adams Jefferson

    This is worse than “incompetent idiots”. This is radical cold calculating despots who would have been forced to resign if the US media was not an accomplice. They have made the USA look like incompetent idiots to the international community however…

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