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1253, 27 Jun 16

Supreme Court Overturns Texas Abortion Laws

This means that Wisconsin’s law, which is substantially similar, is struck down too.

By Lawrence Hurley

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Texas abortion law imposing strict regulations on doctors and facilities in the strongest endorsement of abortion rights in America in more than two decades.

The 5-3 ruling held that the Republican-backed 2013 Texas law placed an undue burden on women exercising their right under the U.S. Constitution to end a pregnancy, established in the court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.


1253, 27 June 2016


  1. Mark Maley

    Good riddance to a blatant attempts to restrict women’s access to a legal procedure

    and good riddance to all the others states laws specifically designed to do the same thing

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    After Roe v. wade, maybe worst decision since Dredd Scott.

    50 % of all exterminations resulting from this decision will be female and a disproportionate number of the exterminations will be minorities.

    So it is surprising to see Mark stick up for a racist and sexist USSC decision.

    Dredd Scott all over again.

  3. Mark Maley


    Worst argument ever

    these efforts to go after the doctors and clinics bypasses a fundamental truth Your side has to agree with

    Women who contract to kill their unborn fetus should be tried for murder .

    It’s a little disingenuous to say you forgive the
    Person contracting out and and paying for a death and only blame the contract killer

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    These regs USSC overturned made baby exterminations more difficult.

    It will be now business as usual, killing minority babies disproportionately, and clear the way to kill females at a 50% clip.

    How can that killing advocacy NOT be racist and sexist?

  5. Major Booris

    Kevin, laying aside all your other points and taking your words purely at face value, how is it sexist to murder male and female babies at an equal rate?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    Isn’t advocating ANY female murder sexist?

    Usually, when abortions are done for pure sex selection, females tend to lose on that one.

  7. MarkMaley

    Back to my question

    If we find a baby is aborted , shouldn’t the mother be charged with murder and not just the doc and nurse ?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    All the above. I’d support negligent homicide charges.

    We do the now when drunk drivers kill pregnant women.

  9. Mark Maley

    Nice dodge .

    You mention killings and exterminations

    We should kill those who kill and the Mom needs to be at the top of the list .

    Please be consistent .

  10. Pat

    “Nice dodge”

    It’s what he does best.

  11. old baldy

    I’m just curious that why Congress when controlled by Republicans, and the SC when it had a conservative majority, never made any attempt at overturning Roe? Never even called a vote? There have been dozens of votes to overturn the ACA, but not a single one on Roe. Curious.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    I thought I was very clear on it.

    I do particularly enjoy lectures on clarity from moral relativists that advocate crucifying a Christian baker (for being Christian) for not baking a cake for gay people, but when an Islamic terrorist shoots up a gay nightclub…liberals, like Obama, say it has nothing to do with Islam.

    When that one is clarified for me, then I’ll entertain a liberal lesson on clarity on this.

    Fair enough?

  13. Pat

    More deflection.

  14. old baldy


    “but when an Islamic terrorist shoots up a gay nightclub…liberals, like Obama, say it has nothing to do with Islam”.

    When did Obama say that. Be specific and precise. No word salad.

    PS: I heard the President condemn the Orlando shooter this morning on WPR.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    Codemned the shooter, but not Islam….like liberals did with Christianity and the Christian baker in Oregon.

    The liberal hate and vitriol, especially from gay movement, was overwhelming toward Christianity. Why not same reaction toward Islam? This Islamic follower actually killed people! All the Christian did was not bake a cake!

    Or let’s take example of Bengahzi…blaming an “anti-Islam” video vs. Islam. We now know with breaking news this AM it was not video, but lies from Obama and Hillary.

    Why would a video exposing the danger and falsehood of Islam be blamed vs. Islam itself for those murders?

    That’s the kind of morsal relativist “clarity” I want explained to me.

  16. old baldy

    Jim David Adkisson
    Paul Jennings Hill
    James Kopp
    John Salvi
    Eric Rudolf
    Scott Roeder
    Shelly Shannon

    christians (they all professed to be) or murderers? They were sentenced as murderers.

    Is “morsal/moral relativism you new phrase of the week ? Why don’t you give us your definition so we can all use it in context?

  17. Pat

    I think Kevin was a child he was hung up by his underwear at summer camp by liberals. That would explain his overwelding vitriol and hatred. It gets worse by the day.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann

    Let’s get to the real list:

    The “Christians” you listed above were not really Christians if the violated the 5th commandment, “You shall not murder”. they also violated several New testament passages on what the fruit of the Holy Spirit looks like.

    100% of Christians would denounce what anyone on that list did in relation to murder. (Never heard of any of them)

    Now take a look at the Muslim murder list I linked to above. what % of Muslims CELEBRATE those acts of 9/11, Orlando, the shoe bomber, etc?

    I’d say it’s 50-60% of Muslims. 30% say nothing…maybe 20% do an uninspiring, half-hearted, denouncement. (My question is….for the 50% of reasonable Muslims…why do you belong to a false religion that calls for this kind of violence and have nearly a majority of fellow Muslims that celebrate terrorist violence…don’t you realize something is wrong with your religion?)

    You see, the holy books of Islam, call for, and celebrate violence. It’s part of what Islam preaches.

    That is the difference, Baldy.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    No, it was intolerant, hateful, liberals in college trying to get me expelled from school for daring to print a conservative newspaper.

    After several kangaroo liberal administration “tribunals” putting the papers speech on trial, and my team of pro-1st amendment lawyers…it was then I realized liberalism is the greatest threat, just behind Islamic terrorism, we face when it comes to maintaining a free society.

    I have little patience for liberal intolerance and political correctness.

    Ralph Nader just commented on liberal campus free speech intolerance, and I have to say, I completely agree with Ralph Nader on the liberal threat to free speech!

  20. Pat

    Boy, you sure hold a grudge. Not very Christian in my opinion.

  21. old baldy


    So it goes back to your old mantra, ” they were christians right up until there weren’t”.

    Maybe you could explain the religious strife Central African Republic as long as you are spinning yarns.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not a grudge.

    I won.

    It’s just a sensible, and vigorous, recognition the true danger constant liberal speech suppression represents to a free society.

    The battle is everywhere.

    I’m not afraid to stand up for what is right.

    In my experience, many liberals are constantly miserable about everything and lack the true appreciation of how capitalism and freedom gives them the greatest opportunity and standard of living in the world.

    As a Christian in Christ, I’m fairly jovial most of the time, but mindlful of the battle that needs to be taken on with godless liberals from time to time.

  23. Pat

    Everyone thinks they are standing up for what is right.

  24. Kevin Scheunemann

    Baldy said,

    “So it goes back to your old mantra, ” they were christians right up until there weren’t”.”

    Well, yes.

    Christianity does not advocate, condone, or celebrate the sin of murder with the list of people you provided.

    Islam does.

    If the outward actions of the Chrsitian does not match their confession of christianity…are they Christian? Answer is, more than likely, No.

    Here is guide for Christian living in Galations 5:

    16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17 For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever[c] you want. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

    19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

    So were those on your list living by the Christian instruction?

    I don’t see anywhere in there that murder equates with “Kindness” and “gentleness”.

  25. Mark Maley

    Not sure I understand the language being used here .

    No one Crucified the baker .
    Indeed , the baker got an outpouring of cash ( possibly more $ than he made that month baking cakes ) for wearing his religion on his sleeve

    He chose ( based upon his reading of the Bible that ostensibly allows discrimination of homosexuals ) to deny individuals the right to buy product made in his stores based upon what he beleived to be evil actions on their part )

    That might be allowed or even praised in a theocracy . It doesn’t fly in a democracy .

    I have never been denied Amish baked goods
    Because I am an antitheist nor should I be
    ( I probably should have been stopped by a note from my doctor

  26. Mark Maley

    And I have never been denied the satisfying chocolate cone by your fine establishment ,

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’d hadly call this a hand slap…

    This went far beyond cakes and destroyed free speech and religious liberty!

    I refuse cakes designs all the time!

    I will refuse requests for profanity, anything I consder pornographic, anything that violates trademark laws, and anything I consider outside good decorum.

    If you want a cake, that says “Congratulations Mark & Baldy”, I’ll make it. However, don’t expect me to deliver it, and cut it for you at a wedding outside God’s design.

    This particular instance/request required more participation then they were comfortable with, in a ceremony the Christians opposed. It was far beyond just making a cake. My question is: why does a gay couple want to buy a cake from someone who does not apporve of their marriage in first place?

    Go to someone else. Problem solved. It’s about pounding Christians into acceptance, vs. tolerance.

    These bakers, were attacked by liberals, without mercy, for their Christianity. Shall I post some of the liberal hate for you?

    Why don’t liberals do same thing, or at least as much as was for this cake, for thug, murdering, Islam?

    Islamist radicals killed 49 gay people and Islam celebrates!

    That’s what I want to know.

    And if you want to purchase your cone and use it for LGBT activity, somehow, hey it’s your cone, at that point…whatever floats your boat.

  28. Pat


    You’ve convinced me, once and for all, into becoming an atheist.

  29. old baldy


    And willfully ignorant. He doesn’t want to learn anything he doesn’t already know.

    And no, Mark and I aren’t getting hitched, kev is just making stuff up again. My wife sure wouldn’t appreciate that scenario.

  30. Kevin Scheunemann

    Booris, Pat, Baldy,

    Are you all upset because I pointed out how absurd liberal moral relativism is in practice?

    Or is it the fact I don’t adopt the liberal conviction of ridiculing Christians for fairly trivial stuff like cake baking, and don’t want to excuse Islamic culture for fostering continuous acts of murder?

  31. Kevin Scheunemann

    Pat said,

    “Everyone thinks they are standing up for what is right.”

    That’s why moral relativism is dangerous vs. absolute truth.

    The child molestor thinks he is right. Absolute truth knocks that down. Moral relativism opens the door to excuse it with the “born that way” argument.

    The muslim suicide bomber thinks he is right to kill. Absolute truth knocks that down. Moral relativism excuses it by claiming Islam does not teach that, and allows this attitude to spread.

    Moral relativism suffers this disproportionate liberal reaction between the Christian who does not bake a cake vs. an Islamic religion that calls for execution of homosexuals in several counties who have exported this policy to Orlando.

    This is how liberal moral relativism allows us to disproportionately kill minority babies in droves.

  32. old baldy


    We should all be frightened by anyone proclaiming they know the “absolute truth”. Sounds like authoritarian dictatorship to me.

  33. Kevin scheunemann


    Quite the contrary. We should be frightened by moral relativists afraid to even label the actions of Islamic terrorists, child molesters or other criminals as wrong or evil.

    Like the Neville Chamberlain apologists ignoring the rise of evil in Europe in 1930s, it makes for more victims.

  34. old baldy

    As asked before, define your new phrase of the week, “Moral Relativist”, in the context in which you use it. Or is this a new buzz word/phrase you picked off a tea party web site?

  35. Jason

    Yawn. This site was better before Old Baldy chimed in.

  36. Kevin Scheunemann


    Moral Relativism: To not determine actions right or wrong universally. If a moral relativist must decide to offend someone by determining right, or wrong, as a last resort, they assign right, or wrong, based on the feelings, or sympathy, of parties involved.

    That’s how a Christian and Christianity can be ripped, fined, and verbally flogged, without mercy for not baking a cake, but Islam gets a complete pass for fostering a homosexual murdering culture and killing 50 gay prople in Orlando woth liberal moral relativists.

    I’ m afraid many liberals suffer from the affliction of moral relativism. That means more innocent people tend to die… Just look at John Kerry’s moral relativist statement yesterday.

    Don’t think Neville Chamberlain ever said something so appeasing to evil.

  37. old baldy


    So what do you base your decisions on, feelings? Certainly not fact or evidence as you have proven time and time again.

    If you called me a “moral relativist” you would be wrong, as I seldom take others feelings or sympathy into consideration. I use facts, science and proof. Once again you are making stuff up.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann

    So why do you not utilize the fact that Islam teaches, and celebrates, violence on a wide scale?

    The fact that nearly 30 Islamic countries execute homosexuals as a matter of policy and at least one (or more) of those Islamic countries is exporting this policy of executing homosexuals to this country?

    When do you ignore, or pay attention, to the facts?

  39. old baldy


    You are not answering the question: On what do you base your decisions?

    If someone commits a crime as defined by our laws, then they should be prosecuted under those civil laws. I have said that numerous times before. But you want to condemn an entire religion. Good luck with that.

    I don’t condone violent or uninvited acts of anyone against others in the name of religion, any religion. You want to make this a christian (your version) versus islamic war.

  40. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not ignoring the question like you ignore the fats in my post.

    I take Romans 12 approach. “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil, cling to what is good”.

    When an entire religion teaches and celebrates violence, like Islam, it is evil. I agree there are a few Muslims that half heartedly denounce the violence from time to time, but if you truly cared about that, you would renounce Islam and stop spreading it. Eventually the spread of Islam produces radicals because nothing in the “holy books” of the religion prevents it.

    Islam is spreading rapidly in Europe. Parts of Europe are operating under Islamic Sharia law.

    Christians need to get off our “duff” on this, and the those that are in the godless liberal camp, especially in LGBT community, need to stop tolerating the Islamic spread of Sharia Law.

    Or all is lost.

  41. old baldy


    I didn’t ignore any fats in your post. Nor have I yet to see any facts from you. But you have presented a lot of opinion and hyperbole trying to get your point across. I’ll stipulate to that.

    I don’t tolerate criminals of any stripe, be they christian, muslim, or martian. Hang ’em all. But I won’t segregate BY religion. That makes you no better than those you condemn.

    “Parts of Europe are operating under Islamic Sharia law”. Just your opinion, right?

  42. Kevin scheunemann


    Don’t segregate by religion? That’s why you came up with an obscure list of criminals who claimed to be Christian? You were trying to smear Christianity as teaching violence. It does not.

    It never ceases to amaze, your purposeful denial of facts you want to ignore:

  43. old baldy


    Once again in your haste to be “right”, you didn’t read past the headline of the article that you provided. The article describes religious courts, not civil courts. No apology necessary, but I would recommend that you contact your local technical college and sign up for a remedial reading comprehension class. I’m sure they offer one.

  44. Kevin Scheunemann


    Who’s making a distinction about civil courts?

    Religious Sharia Law courts allow you to continue to beat your wife and beat your homosexual relative.

    You denied parts of Europe were operating under Sharia Law.

    Parts of Europe are.

  45. old baldy


    Since you were deliberately avoiding the truth, do we take all your comments as factless opinion? You are certainly entitled to an opinion, but you lose all credibility when you try to foist that opinion off as fact. Desperate moves by a desperate person. Sad.

  46. Pat


    Which parts of Europe are operating under Sharia Law?

  47. Kevin Scheunemann


    I like your link. Key words, Sharia courts are like binding “arbitration”.

    Don’t you read Public Citizen on the evils of compeling binding arbitration on employees? There were women raped in Iraq with one of the U.S. contracters and their rape had to be settled by shame of private arbitration. It was a complete miscarriage of justice. Just has Muslim wives are beaten and husbands get away with it under this private system of justice.

    So liberals like arbitration abusing women in Europe, when it is Sharia, but hate it in the U.S. when corporations do it?


  48. Pat

    What parts of Europe are operating under sharia law?

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