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0723, 22 Jun 16

Trump Pays Self

This has been Trump’s MO for every business he has every run. It is how he got rich. No matter how well the company does, he always pays himself well. That way, even if the company fails, he still comes our ahead. He’s doing the exact same thing with his newest venture.

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump has directed nearly one-fifth of his campaign cash to companies that are part of his vast business empire, new federal records show.

Trump, hurting for cash after he suddenly stopped self-funding his campaign last month, has mixed his public campaign and his private ventures for nearly the entire 2016 race. He has promoted Trump products at campaign events, publicly litigated a federal civil suit he’s facing over Trump University on talk shows, and, this week, will bring the political press to Scotland for a tour of a Trump golf course.
And it shows in his latest campaign finance report, filed Monday: Trump-linked businesses account for 17% of all campaign expenses to date. He’s paid almost $11 million to Trump organizations since launching his campaign a year ago.

0723, 22 June 2016


  1. Mark Maley

    His primary campaign was loaned not given money from Trump .

    He is paying himself $3MM and paying Trump properties large sums as corporate offices along with his plane costs

    And he wonders why the big donors don’t want to give him the cash to repay himself

  2. Mark Maley

    Trump now has ” forgiven ” his campaign loans . Although he hasn’t filed the papers to do so.
    He may be waiting for the Washington Post to out him as they did for the $1MM check he bragged about donating to the war veterans
    But didn’t do so until the Post Story broke

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