Wisconsin Republicans Propose Loosening Gun Laws

Yes, and yes.

Meanwhile, two of the Assembly’s most conservative Republicans told the AP that they think Wisconsin gun laws should be loosened.

Rep. Bob Gannon, of Slinger, said there’s no way to totally protect people in a free and open society. He said the state should reduce the number of gun-free zones, allow school personnel to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds and allow people to transport weapons in their car while on school grounds, all of which would make it easier for law-abiding citizens to protect their families and themselves.

Rep. Jesse Kremer of Kewaskum said Wisconsin gun laws shouldn’t be changed except to allow people to carry weapons on college campuses in the state. Kremer introduced a bill this past session that would have allowed concealed weapons in college buildings. He introduced the measure after a gunman killed nine people at a community college in Oregon. The bill failed.

A bill about carrying a gun in a car while on school grounds needs to be done just to clean up the law. It is a grey area of the law right now. The rest of it would be a positive change.