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1539, 18 Jun 16

People Fret About Empowering Landlords


MADISON (WKOW) — It can be hard to find an apartment in Madison.  A 2014 Census found just a two percent vacancy rate.  Now, some housing advocates say a new state law is making it harder to find affordable housing.

“It’s just unfair, it’s just unjust,” Single mom Brandice Hatcher is worried about Wisconsin Act 176, especially a new statute allowing a landlord to terminate a lease due to criminal activity by the renter or anyone else living or visiting the residence.

Hatcher’s record is clean, but she’s had to reapply for rent and fears her poor credit and late payments could make it difficult for her to stay in her two bedroom.

The sob story doesn’t make any sense to me. Having poor credit and being late on payments is not criminal activity. This lady might be evicted for not paying her rent, but that’s not related to this law.

As to the law itself, landlords can be held responsible for allowing criminal activity to take place in their properties, so they need to be allowed to kick crooks out of their properties when they find out about them. I have almost zero sympathy for a crook who gets evicted for being a crook. There’s an easy solution to that… don’t be a crook.


1539, 18 June 2016

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great bill.

    Long overdue.

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