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2001, 19 Jun 16

Cameron Resorts to Emotional Argument

He does address some other issues about the Brexit, but it is interesting how most of his arguments are dismissals of the opposition’s arguments without a counterargument or appeals to base emotions.

If the UK votes to leave, he said, “that’s it, we are walking out the door, we are quitting – we are giving up on this organisation”.

“I do not think Britain, at the end, is a quitter,” he said.

He said Winston Churchill did not “quit on Europe” during World War Two, adding: “You can’t fight if you’re not in the room”

Really? That sounds like something you say to your 5th grader who wants to quit the basketball team. For those who want to leave the EU, quitting is precisely the point. From their perspective, they want to quit the EU so that they can preserve Britain.


2001, 19 June 2016


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