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1731, 15 Jun 16

Trump Supports Quashing Rights Without Due Process

One more reason to not vote for Trump.

Republican Donald Trump has said he would like people on terror watch lists to be prevented from buying guns, in the wake of the Orlando shootings.

Do you know how you get on a watch list? Me either. I suspect it happens when someone in some government agency thinks that you might be up to no good, so they put you on a list to keep an eye on you. Do you know how to get off of the list? You can’t. If you believe that you are on a watch list by mistake, you can go through a lengthy and laborious process where you have to prove your own innocence to get a redress number, but the ultimate decision of whether or not you stay on that list is up to the government agency.

In America, we have a long-standing principle that the government is not permitted to curtail a citizen’s Constitutionally protected rights without being afforded due process. We do not permit our rights to be taken away based on the arbitrary decision of an unelected bureaucrat. We must adhere to our principles here, but I do recognize that Trump is devoid of principles.



1731, 15 June 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Have to agree.

    If this happens, a president like Obama would put whole nation on terror watch list.

    I’m liking the Libertarian in November. He’s not perfect either, but better than the 2 stooges.

  2. Pat


    How do you think voting for a Libertarian will help you succeed in your stated goal of stopping Hillary from being elected?

  3. Calvin and Hobbs

    If we had an unbiased media in Wisconsin, they would be asking Russ Feingold if he supports due process. We already know where Gwenn Moore, Tammy Baldwin, and Mark Pocan stand. To them, the 2nd amendment isn’t a real right.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is what it will come down to. My willingness to live with myself in voting best of 3. Or handing this country over to this closet liberal “Republican” in order to stop the monstrous evil Hillary represents.

    Tough call.

  5. Mark Maley

    Kev ,
    It isn’t going to matter in Wisconsin this year

    A really popular senator
    ( which RoJo is not )might withstand a 5 point loss up ticket .

    Wisc looks more like double digits .

    Vote your conscience

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    That’s a “pep talk” to get me to go Trump?

  7. Dan

    So, Owen, who you going to vote for?
    Libertarian Party?
    Socialist Party?
    Or you not going to vote at all?

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