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1940, 04 Jun 16

Paul Ryan: Sellout

Christian Schneider isn’t holding anything back in this column.

Perhaps this endorsement was inevitable but it was jarring to see the sellout executed for free. Trump today is just as unfit to hold public office as he was when Ryan announced his pyrite protest. Perhaps Trump is the master negotiator he claims to be — he actually made Ryan tear down the wall between them, and Republicans are ultimately going to pay for it.

During Ryan’s holdout, Trump made no progress toward the goals Ryan said he needed to see from the presumptive GOP nominee — in fact, just in the past week, Trump has floated discredited conspiracy theories about former Clinton adviser Vince Foster’s death and attacked the ethnicity of a judge overseeing the Trump University case. Are these what pushed Ryan toward capitulation?

Now Ryan becomes like San Francisco Giants fans who cheered on Barry Bonds during his desecration of America’s pastime. Normally sane fans defended Bonds simply because he wore the right color jersey.


1940, 04 June 2016

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  1. John Foust

    Hopefully some morning Schneider will wake up and realize the small part he played in delivering the GOP to this point.

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