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0953, 04 Jun 16

Muhammad Ali Dead at 74


His death Friday at age 74 came after a lengthy battle against Parkinson’s disease. Ali was diagnosed with the disease in 1984, three years after he retired from a boxing career that began when a skinny 12-year-old Louisville, Kentucky, amateur put on the gloves
He is survived by his nine children, including daughter Laila, who, like her father, became a world champion boxer; and his fourth wife, Lonnie.

0953, 04 June 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    He proved that African Americans can achieve great heights of success in this country through individual achievement, merit, and character. He also seemed to have the discipline to not fall prey to the worldy success destruction we see so many times in Hollywood.

    It’s just unfortunate that such a great figure in history subscribed to a false religion.

  2. Jed

    The man was a draft dodger. Fuck him. Good riddance.

  3. old baldy


    So was dick cheney and donald trump. You feel the same about them?

  4. old baldy


    “It’s just unfortunate that such a great figure in history subscribed to a false religion”.

    What is really unfortunate is that you (or any other person) are so intolerant of others not in lock-step agreement with you. Who are you to claim that Ali’s beliefs were false?

  5. old baldy

    Sorry readers, but the previous two posts are not by my hand. Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when someone so cowardly has to appropriate anothers screen name to post their insensitive comments?

  6. Owen

    Indeed. Sorry, OB. I deleted the offensive comments from the impostor.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    So are you willing to call any religion false? Is Islam the truth for you? (I don’t think you are willing to say that…)

    If you can’t call a religion founded by a child rapist, criminal camel driver, and violent war mongering thug “false”, what would qualify as a false religion?

    Did Ali qualify for eternal reward under tenants of Islam? Before you answer, he belonged to a sect of Islam that was racist and considered all white people “the devil”. Does the hate qualify him for eternal reward under Islam? Or do his “good works” qualify him under Islam?

    I ask because under Islam you can be worst of worst Muslim and still qualify for eternal reward and be the best of the best Muslim and not qualify for eternal reward (that is why many Muslims are depressed who truly study their scripture)…if that is not a false religion, what would be?

  8. old baldy


    Answers, in order:

    All of them
    At the end of the day, Ali, you, and me will all be in the same place: dust.
    Nonsense, just as yours is.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you are willing to call Islam false. What is the problem?

    We disagree on the truth.

    You deny Jesus. And embrace bleak nihilist approach to life. That is a false truth well.

    I hold Jesus as the truth, the way, and the life.

    So you really begrudge the fact I don’t accept your bleak nihilist view of life?

  10. old baldy


    Islam is no more true, or false, than your form of idol worship.

    We always have when religion is the topic.

    I don’t deny that he may have existed. No. No more false than yours.

    Good for you as a personal choice.

    No. I am disappointed that one person or religion should feel superior or more “right” than any one else.

  11. Kevin Scheunemamn


    So the bleak Nihilism you embrace should be the default “truth” for everyone?

    I have no right to call your view false and destructive…especially to kids?

    You only have right to call others, not embracing your bleak Nihilist view, false?

  12. old baldy


    You are making stuff up again. Remember your commandment regarding lying.

    I don’t embrace bleak Nihilism. That is strictly your idea. I embrace the philosophy that everyone should be able to believe whatever they want regarding religion or no religion. And that no one religion or belief is correct or true.

    Only a true devoted and fanatical hypocrite would tell children that my view, or that of anyone that disagreed with you, is false. You and James Jones would make a great pair.

  13. Kevin scheunemann


    1.). Saying we all end up as dust in ground, no divine justice for evil like Hitler, is not bleak Nihilism? We all get same eternal fate as Hitler is not a bleak world view?

    2.). I enjoy your lecture. You are willing to say to Christians, like me, who say Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life as only way to heaven as “false”. How does that square with your lecture about not labeling others as “false”?

    Let me know when you resolve the hypocrisy of your standard.

  14. old baldy


    It may be bleak in your view, but unless you can provide proof to the contrary from a credible source it is reality.

    OK, prove that a christian like you has it all right and the other 99% of the population has it wrong. Be specific.

    And you brought up the true/false comparison, not me. I said that your belief is no more true or false than mine. And you can’t prove any different. I have nothing to resolve.

  15. Kevin scheunemann


    When you indicate Nihilism is acceptable to be taught in public school, you are representing it as possible religious truth.

    When you deny Christianity is truth, you are indicating it is false.

    Based on your position, you should not get bent out if shape when I say Christianity is true and other religion is false…..but you do….why?

    Is it because I offend your religious truth?

    Does your bleak Nihilist religion have any place in public schools then?

    Nihilism is a bleak, offensive religion to a healthy education of the Spirit. We should stop stunting public education with it.

  16. old baldy


    Those are all you words and opinions, I never said ANY of that. More stuff from “Kevin’s Book of Made-Up Stuff”.

    When you can’t defend or prove your position you attack your opponent. A little Alinsky move, eh?

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just laying out the bare truth of your destructive position and exposing the religion you advocate public schools teach. This destroys any argument “we shouldn’t fund religious schools with vouchers” so long as you support funding public school religion, which is essentially your bleak, Nihilist position.

    I can defend Christianity as the truth all day long.

    However, sometimes it’s important to discuss the dire consequences of the so called “truth” you are defending.

  18. old baldy


    You are still making stuff up. Folks in the civilized world call that lying. I have never advocated for any religion, you made that up. The “bleak Nihilist position” is all your doing. In other words, you are a repeat, non-repentant sinner by your own standards.

    You may be able to “defend christianity as the truth”, but you have no means to prove it. Some folks call that position self-delusional.

  19. Pat

    Kevin learned a new word.

  20. old baldy

    Yes, a new one every week. But make up your own definition.

  21. Pat

    How about this word, “Solipsism”.

  22. old baldy


    That may be more than kev wants to tackle.

    How about sycophant ?

  23. Kevin Scheunemann

    Pat and Baldy,

    You guys crack me up. All this name calling simply because I said Islam is a false religion.

    A statement I think both of you have agreed with. (I know Baldy, for sure agrees with that statement.)

    Is it just a problem because I have the courage to say it?

    Or is it the fact I refuse to deny the truth of my Christianity openly?

    Just curious.

  24. old baldy


    You must be easily amused.

    And no, I said ALL religions are no more true (or false) than any other. See above.

    And you show no more courage than I, but always qualify your answers. True courage would be to say that all religions are equally true/false in the individual mind. To say yours is true and others false is a cowardly act that requires no thought, just rote recital.

  25. Pat

    Kev said, “All this name calling simply because I said Islam is a false religion.”

    Where did I call anyone a name? I’m as able to throw out a word like, “Solipsism”, as easily as you can throw out a word like, “Nihilist”.
    Or is it forboden in the Solipsism Religion lexicon?

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    Might have been hasty of me to lump you in with Baldy’s comment.

    Sorry about that.


    You throw around that we are all “dust in the end” like it is universal truth for everyone and consider all other religions equally reprehensible ( which is what it is when you say Islam is no more true/false than Christianity) ….so you do not do the same exact thing about universal/absolute truth you lecture against?

    Your Nihilism is showing.

    You should appreciate I take a leadership stand on Christianity, rather than the cowardly universalist notion that anything can be true or false.

    It’s clear you take a stand for your bleak religion. I I take a stand for mine.

    That still is a problem?

  27. old baldy


    The “dust in the end” is from your guidebook. I thought you are a true believer.

    If you were a true leader you would be more inclusive. By making your version of the truth so restrictive and exclusive you only show your lack of vision.

    I don’t take a stand on any “bleak religion”. I would prefer that all religions were a personal choice and remain as such rather than forced upon people.

  28. Kevin Scheunemann


    I do not make absolute truth restrictive. The Almighty defines that. Narrow is the gate. The gospels are very clear on that.

    Only foolish human rebellion and corrupted human desires want to think the gate is wide and inclusive when it comes to the divine. The liberal religion has accelerated that false teaching recently.

  29. old baldy

    “I do not make absolute truth restrictive”.

    Yet you condemn anyone that has a different faith/belief than you do. I think in your case the quote should be “narrow is the mind…”.

    The last paragraph is just more of your personal opinion, not based on any factual base. Once again you want to be the arbiter of the truth . What an ego you possess.

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