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2144, 04 Jun 16

Boy Saves Enough For College Education Before He Starts


From age 12 to 17, King sold newspapers with one goal: earn enough to pay for his entire college education. And he did just that.

“When it came down to school, my mom didn’t have to come out of pocket to do anything or I didn’t have to take out any loans to go to school,” he told WHBQ.

He earned $200 every Sunday for five years straight and was just accepted into Tennessee State University.

King has this piece of advice to share: “Make sure you surround yourself with people that’s trying to go up in life and not trying to bring you down. Just stay positive and always believe in yourself and push for it.”


2144, 04 June 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great Kid.

    I did same thing.

    Much better route than the no job, constant partying, college pot smokers purposely running up six figures in student loan debt and whining about it later.

  2. joey

    Now he can learn proper grammar.

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