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2005, 25 May 16

Growing Power

He has a point.

The growing, unconstitutional power of the chief executive under Obama continues apace, a frightening trend likely to be augmented by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, constitutionalists neither.

Have all of those liberal who are cheering Obama’s unconstitutional overreaches sat down and considered what Trump would do with that power?

If our Founders knew anything, it was that the concentration of power into a single person was the surest path to tyranny.


2005, 25 May 2016


  1. Trump for America

    First candidate that revokes Cuck Baldy’s EBT card by executive order gets my vote.

  2. old baldy


    “it was that the concentration of power into a single person was the surest path to tyranny.”

    Then you should be incensed at the current administration in WI, as they have passed over 100 bills in the last 6 years that have removed local control from towns, counties, cities, and school boards and placed it under the capitol dome in Madison.

  3. Owen

    What is it with liberals that they can’t seem to focus on the actual issue being discussed?

    First, concentration of power by state government is not the same as concentration of power in one person. But yes, it is something to be concerned about.

    Second, do you have anything to offer on the actual topic?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    These violent, thug, liberal protestors at Trump rally…the liberal thugs probably cheer Obama executive action, but will get violent at mere thought of Trump being president or simply opening his mouth.

    That is state of free speech in today’s liberal America.

  5. old baldy


    I understand the topic; the perceived concentration of power by Obama. I got that. But if the topic is relevant at a national level, then the concentration of power by the current administration is certainly a concern at the state and local level. Remember, all politics is local.

    The name calling, “liberal”, as you and others on this blog use the term, is beneath you. I’m far from a “liberal” in the context that it is often used here, but rather a realist. Concentration of power in politics at any level isn’t in the best interest of the citizens.

  6. Kris Beaver

    Old Baldy is spot on. He points out the hypocrisy of the Republicans. “It’s ok as long as it’s our guy.”

  7. Kay

    Additionally Kris it is ironic of Owen to comment on individuals who are liberal being unable to remain on topic when this sites most prolific conservative poster often strays off topic.

  8. Kris Beaver

    Nothing has changed on this blog in 10 years. Rants that make no sense, derivative arguments, thought processes from the shallow end of the pool and rampant hypocrisy.

  9. Owen

    Thanks for reading for 10 years!

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