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1443, 23 May 16

Questionable Language Choices

Since it was so absolutely beautiful in Wisconsin this weekend, I took the opportunity to enjoy one of our many fantastic state parks and went to Harrington Beach. In doing so, this sign caught my eye:


Does anything jump out at you? What got my attention is that there isn’t any English. In order to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, I did take note of the same sign in several other places and it was the same thing. There isn’t an English version posted.

Now, it is obviously a safety sign of some sort. I assume that green is good and red is bad. But since I can’t read the writing, I really don’t know what it is about. I don’t mind safety signs being posted with multiple languages because it is in our interest for everyone to be safe, but shouldn’t one of those languages be the predominant one in our state?

Just askin’…


1443, 23 May 2016


  1. michael

    Water quality monitoring has not started yet. When it does, I assume the large black blank spot above it will contain one of the colors and what it means…in English. For convenience sake, I’m sure that sign is posted there permanently and the large English sign changes as the water quality does.

  2. Owen

    Ah ha! Thanks. Now that makes more sense.

  3. Mike

    No it doesn’t make sense. You shouldn’t have to do research to find the meaning of what is clearly a warning sign. How about putting the English explanation in the spot where the warning sign goes so there is at least some English reference when there is no warning.

  4. John Foust

    Sorry, DNR cutbacks. No one around to put up the English sign at the top. Gotta be business-friendly, you know!

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