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1534, 20 May 16

Wisconsin Recovering Better than Average

It drives me nuts that after the better part of a decade we are still calling it a “recovery.” It just shows how slow and painful it has been that we have not yet “recovered.” But against that backdrop, Wisconsin is faring pretty well.

As it turns out, Wisconsin’s economic performance in its recovery, “has actually been pretty good compared to the rest of the country,” Koskinen said.

And although the recovery nationwide is the fourth longest recovery since the end of the Second World War, at around 79 months, or six and a half years, the good news is that we’re starting to see the impact of the recovery.

“It’s been a slow decline,” Koskinen explains, “but US unemployment has dropped to about 5 percent.” The average of about 2 percent of real growth has been led by two major factors: recovery of business investments and exports.

What has not been a part of the economic recovery is government spending.

“We’re winding down defense spending, domestic spending in terms of what the government really buys — people, aircraft carriers, highways, buildings, the government is buying less of all of it.” Koskinen speculates that it may be spending in other areas, be it on debt or entitlements.

Notice that last excerpted comment. Yes, our government is spending more than ever, but the portion of it that goes into buying things is on the decline. We are shrinking our military and neglecting our infrastructure. Where is all of the money going? Entitlements, Obamacare, etc.


1534, 20 May 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is what happens when you liberate a state from liberal socialist tyranny.

  2. Mark Maley


    Compare it to the liberal blue state to our west -Minniapolis

    It’s full of liberal taxes and idea’s and is kicking our ass in growth and productivity

    They have all the wrong idea’s but they have
    The booming housing market

    What gives?


    Minnesota went from Palenty to a liberal
    ( we went from a liberal to a our current 37%
    Approved of future President )

  3. Mark Maley

    Typical private school education / Minnesota
    Not just Minnpls

  4. Trump for America

    It’s “Minneapolis,” you fat, stupid drunk.

  5. Trump for America

    And Minneapolis isn’t a state.

    Have another drink, you fat pig.

  6. Northern Pike

    The headline actually reads: “Economist says Wisconsin recovering well compared with other states” and that economist happens to work for Gov. Walker’s Department of Revenue. He’s not going to say Wisconsin’s economy sucks.

    The only concrete evidence he have that Wisconsin’s recovery is better than the national average is the labor force participation rate. Most of what he said is that the national economy is recovering and Wisconsin is along for the ride.

    He also mentioned Wisconsin’s relatively low population growth since 2010, which can be construed as a negative economic trend.

    I have no doubt that a revenue analyst in Mark Dayton’s administration could go to the Bemidji Chamber of Commerce and tell pretty much the same story — perhaps armed with a few more favorable numbers.

  7. Mark Maley

    Last time I called you out you whined like a little girl about me bullying you

    Once again , come to coffee and bring your lunch candy ass !

  8. Trump for America

    Another drunken fantasy there, Mark. You’re such an embarrassment as a man and a father that your daughters went for other women instead.

  9. Mark Maley

    Couldn’t be prouder of my daughters

    When you bring my family into the discussion , you show yourself to be a sniveling coward

    No more responses from me except a firm determination to meet you one day in the sunlight .

  10. Trump for America

    You have no qualms about bringing them up to score cheap talking points. It must burn you that you are such a failure of a man that they’d fuck anything but one.

    Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

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