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2118, 16 May 16

Flynn’s Rules

I remember Chief Flynn’s emotional display of carrying the picture of a murdered child in his pocket. Now this.

Don’t be part of a crime gang or crew
Don’t be a drug dealer
Don’t illegally carry a gun
And finally, “If you are in an argument with a stranger, ask them how often they’ve been arrested. If they’ve been arrested more often than you’ve been arrested, concede the point…”
Flynn’s remarks were met with laughter from the audience.
But the laughter quickly died.  Milwaukee is a city that saw 145 homicides and 633 non-fatal shootings last year. It has also seen high profile murders of children – none of whom violated Flynn’s “simple rules.”
*cough* Ahem…

2118, 16 May 2016

1 Comment

  1. dad29

    How about only TWO rules?

    1) Find a D.A. that will prosecute criminals, not ‘rehab’ them.

    2) Failing that, get the hell out of Milwaukee.

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