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2103, 29 Apr 16

Milwaukee Applies for Grant to Extend Choo Choo

It’s not even built yet and they want to dump another $20 million into it.

The city of Milwaukee applied for a $20 million federal grant to extend the streetcar line approximately 1.2 miles to the new Milwaukee Bucks arena.

The city will find out in mid-September if the grant is approved.The new line would build a track between the Milwaukee Intermodal Station on St. Paul Avenue north to Fourth Street and Highland Avenue.

Ghassan Korban, commissioner of the Department of Public Works, said the city is confident the  grant will be approved.

“Overall, we’re obviously excited for this opportunity to get closer. As we’ve always stated, the original route of 2.1 miles needs an extension for it to be meaningful,” Korban said. “This gets us closer to the Bronzeville neighborhood, or to Walker’s Point, one mile at a time.”


2103, 29 April 2016

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  1. Billia,

    Can you say ‘Boondoggle’?

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