West Bend City Administrator Charged with Felony Child Enticement-Prostitution

Wow. This is pretty huge news for our little city. Via the Washington County Insider.

West Bend City Administrator T.J. Justice has been suspended with pay and is under investigation.

West Bend Mayor Kraig Sadownikow said there is an ongoing criminal investigation being performed by law enforcement in Waukesha County.

The city of West Bend Police Department will also be performing its own investigation.


Records from Waukesha County Court show a pair of search warrants were issued on April 22.
COURT ORDERED A $5,000.00 CASH BOND IN ADDITION TO A $20,000.00 SIGNATURE BOND. Defendant to comply with I.D. Processing. Defendant to have no contact with V. d/o/b 2/26/99 or her mother K listed in the Criminal Complaint.

Defendant to not access the internet for any purpose other than for employment during normal work hours to access the internet. Defendant to have no contact with juvenile females under the age of 18 in person or by text. Defendant allowed non collect phone calls.

According to Waukesha County Court records Justice is charged with a pair of felony counts of soliciting a child for prostitution and Child Enticement-Prostitution.


Despite the information, Justice allegedly continued the pursuit, writing:

  • “The age thing doesn’t bother me as long as we stay honest with each other. I can offer some income here and there for you on the side.”
  • “We had a deal worked out once … I’m guessing you were 15 when we first chatted which is fine just be honest with things.”
  • “I’d love to explore the Sugar Daddy thing but it would HAVE to stay between us and I’d wanna talk to you by phone first.”
  • “We have sex… you get money and maybe shopping every once in a while or I pick you up jewelry here and there.”
  • “Your age is a turn on accept that and let’s figure this out babe.”

The teen’s mother ultimately turned over the phone to the Muskego Police Department. A detective there continued conversing with Justice, posing as “V.”

UPDATE: Washington County Insider has a copy of the criminal complaint.

Warning: graphic stuff ahead.