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2040, 13 Apr 16

Trump Hires Wiley

That’s hilarious.

Rick Wiley, who managed Gov. Scott Walker’s brief presidential run, will now be the national political director for Donald Trump’s campaign.

In a news release today, Trump called him a “seasoned political expert with a very successful career in winning elections.”

“He brings decades of experience, and his deep ties to political leaders and activists across the country will be a tremendous asset as we enter the final phase of securing the nomination,” Trump said.


2040, 13 April 2016


  1. Mark Maley

    The Billionaire is getting hurt because he ignored the blocking and tackling of politics , skimping where it hurts him most .

    Free media only takes you so far

    Self funding isn’t that impressive if you don’t find the stuff that gets you elected

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Wiley might be the guy to stop the Trump campaign!

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